podcast business

A Peek Inside My Podcast Business

Today’s big idea is only tangentially related, I acknowledge, but still falls under the general work umbrella–and it is taking a look at the business side of this podcast. I know a lot of people have an idea or a… more →

happier at work

Mindset Hack for Being Happier at Work

Today’s big idea is something that can help you feel happier at work, AND help you deliver more value and make a bigger impact while also having to try less hard. YES I know this sounds like magical thinking, but… more →

urge to drink

Little Things that Help Resist the Urge to Drink

Today’s big idea is that when the urge to drink strikes, it’s helpful to have a couple other strategies in place that you can do instead. Because urges, no matter how strong, are finite. They rise, and they fall again,… more →


Is it Bad to Regift?

So far this week, we’ve talked about letting go of the things that belong to the person you used to be, or never were and never will be. And how to make space for the person you actually are now…. more →