Peri-menopause Is a Feminist Issue

Today’s big idea is that it’s time to normalize peri-menopause. Because for too long, this natural shift that every person with a uterus and ovaries goes through has either been seen as either sad, scary, or shameful. Bringing peri-menopause out… more →

give to yourself

Give to Yourself, Too

Today’s big idea is that something we don’t generally think about when we think about being more generous is to give to yourself, too. Which is a really important piece of being a more giving person, because you can’t give… more →

sober curious

Re-Thinking Drinking: For the Sober Curious

Today’s big idea is for the sober curious, and that is that now is a particularly great time to give your relationship to alcohol some loving attention and thought. Because not only are we coming off of July 4th weekend,… more →


In Defense of Being Stingy– When is it Ok?

Today’s big idea is that being generous isn’t an all or nothing proposition. You can be generous in some ways, and stingy in others. And it’s really fascinating to start to unpack where you are a natural giver, and where… more →

giving too much

The Act of Giving Without Giving Too Much

Today’s big idea is that, while giving is often energizing, there are definitely times when giving too much is draining. Or even upsetting. It can leave you feeling taken advantage of, or unappreciated. And that doesn’t feel good.  In addition,… more →

when perimenopause ends

When Perimenopause Ends: Notes from the Other Side

Today’s big idea is that perimenopause does end. Technically, perimenopause ends when it has been 12 months since your last period. Then you get your wings and graduate to the next phase of your life. The average length of the… more →