bad habits

Be Real About the Costs of Your Bad Habits

Today’s big idea is that because bad habits are so unconscious and so well-worn, it can take a really big dose of motivation to get you to take action and then to sustain that action. And willpower isn’t going to… more →


Forgive Yourself for Slip-Ups – Dampening Your Ego

Today’s big idea is that when it comes to breaking bad habits, incremental change, and progress that loops back on itself, is totally TOTALLY fine to forgive yourself! Habits get developed over weeks, months, and years of repetition. You can’t… more →

new habit

The Secret to Creating a New Habit

Today’s big idea is there is a way to make creating a new habit a lot easier and a lot less of a cognitive lift. And that is by linking the new thing you want to do to some existing… more →


How to Initiate a Difficult Conversation

This week on the podcast I’m covering some of the harder things in life–like how to embark on a difficult conversation, or getting used to chatting with people again after a pandemic. I wanted to devote time to these types… more →

Learning new things

The Self-Care of Learning New Things

Today’s big idea is that learning new things is a great, if perhaps unexpected, form of self-care. Although there’s nothing pampering about trying something you’ve never done and, let’s face it, probably doing pretty badly at first, opening your mind… more →


Doing Hard Things: How to Apologize

Today we’re talking about how to apologize. Because doing it, and doing it well, is how you take the high road. Apologizing frees you from feeling angsty about something you messed up on. It also helps repair a relationship. And… more →


Pro Tip: Make Time to Cleanse Your Energy

Today’s big idea is that, when you think of the ‘self’ in self care, you probably think about your body and your mind. But today I’m talking about making time to cleanse your energy as a means to take care… more →

things you don't want

Self-Care Can Be Things You Don’t Want to Do

One of the myths of self-care that I’d like to dispel is that self-care is indulgent, and that it has to feel luxurious in order to count. Of course, it CAN feel indulgent and luxurious. I support you treating yourself… more →

impossible choices

The Cost of Making Impossible Choices

Today’s big idea is that for the last year, we have all been having to make impossible choices. Deciding between our mental health–which might require spending time with loved ones or friends. And physical health–which could very well be compromised… more →