How Reading Makes You a Better Person

As a writer and lover of books one thing I believe wholeheartedly is that reading makes a better person. Especially when you make it a point to read something written by someone who is in a different demographic–age bracket, race,… more →


Why Am I So Impatient?

Ever wondered, ‘Why am I so impatient?’ Today’s big idea is that understanding the sources underneath your impatience is an important piece of learning to work with it more skillfully. I’m sharing five possible sources with you today. And I’ll… more →


Resist The Urge To Fix Other People’s Problems

Believe me, as a mom, I KNOW how tempting it is to want to fix other people’s problems for them. Let’s assume that someone you love is going through something painful. Your good friend has  just had their heart broken…. more →


Do Your Research

Now, I don’t know how old you are. So you may or may not remember the time when you used to have to wonder about things. Like, the name of the character actor in that movie. Or even the name… more →


Really Feel Your Feelings

The most efficient way through an emotion is to allow yourself to feel your feelings. But that can feel pretty scary, because a lot of emotions are pretty darn powerful. It’s easy to get scared that you’ll get swept away… more →


How to Spend Time without Filling It

In honor of Leap Day, 2020,  I want to suggest that tomorrow is a fantastic time to play with discovering how to spend time without feeling the need to fill it up.  Listen To The Podcast Here Because that’s what… more →

Big Stuff

Dealing With Impatience: The Big Stuff

Yesterday, I talked about some strategies to handle impatience around little things that get you riled. Like your kid not listening to you. Or someone walking slowly in front of you in the grocery store. Today, I want to talk… more →