Maintain New Habits

How to Maintain New Habits: Avoid Backsliding

Today’s big idea is that we must avoid the dreaded backsliding obstacle in order to create and maintain new habits that help us become better people. I mean, of course, without these obstacles we would all be walking around as… more →


How to Be a Better Citizen

I would like to thank you for clicking on a post about how to be a better citizen. After all — democracy ‘by the people and for the people.’ YOU are one of those people. And without your engagement, that… more →

money wounds

Forgive Your Old Money Wounds

Money can be such an emotional topic. And because our emotions can really influence our thinking and our actions, it’s important to take a look at old money wounds and how you might have been impacted by money emotionally in… more →

Do You Have A Smartphone Addiction?

Do You Have A Smartphone Addiction?

Your phone helps you find your way around, stay connected to your work and your friends, capture the moment, book flights, and so much more. But all that usefulness has a darkside, too. Namely smartphone addiction. How can you tell… more →

healthy habits

Why Can’t I Stick With My Healthy Habits?

You really want to create some new, healthy habits–but it’s so hard to stick with them. What’s up with that?  Those habits could be anything that helps you feel better in your mind and body, including eating your vegetables or… more →


Un-Do 2022: Un-Fix Yourself

In honor of the year we just had, and the year before it, and how grueling they have been in terms of stress and uncertainty and the sheer volume of decisions we’ve had to make on a daily basis, I… more →


Un-Do 2022: Save Space for Boredom

During this week before New Year’s–which is prime time for a podcast called How to Be a Better Person, don’t cha think?–I’m doing things a little differently than I have in past years. Because after a two-year period like we’ve… more →


Un-Do 2022: Stop Being Nice

This lead up to New Year’s week on the podcast we are taking a different approach to planning 2022. Because the past two years have been totally out of the ordinary and the world has at times felt upside down,… more →


Un-Do 2022: Un-plan Your Life

This week on the podcast–which, with the new year coming up, is prime season to think about exactly how you want to be a better person–I’m doing things a little differently than I have in past years. Instead of guiding… more →