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How to Be a Better Person: 401 Simple Ways to Make a Difference in Yourself—and the World

Ready to be the change you wish to see?
  • Learn how to let go of negative thoughts and be more loving—toward yourself and everyone around you
  • Deepen your relationships, and develop new ones, so you feel more supported and connected
  • Get a grip on your stuff so you have more literal and figurative space to breathe
  • Up your game at work while taking less of a toll, so you make more money, have more fun, & make more of an impact
  • Implement small, doable changes that dramatically improve your health
  • Do your part to make the world a better place, without over-committing or wearing yourself out!

“Reading and applying Hanley’s tips are delightful ways to begin turning intentions into actions. Recommended for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in the world.”

—Library Journal

Stress Less: Stop Stressing and Start Living

Don’t leave home without this book—keep one in your desk drawer at work, one in your glove box, and one on your nightstand so that you are only ever an arm’s length away from knowing just what to do to help you calm down and think clearly again.

Each of these 100 exercises can be done in 10 minutes or less and are absolutely goof-proof and don’t require any prior mindfulness experience.

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A Year of Daily Calm

This gorgeous little book is a guided plan for adding more serenity to your life over the long haul—no matter how busy you may be.

What People are Saying

“A Year of Daily Calm is the ultimate get-fit-once-and-for-all guide. It effortlessly leads readers toward getting centered, calming down and communicating with the self—all the prerequisites to lasting wellness. Buy it, place it on your bedside table (with a pen!), and watch your year unfold magically.”

—Ellen Barrett,

“All the women I talk to—single moms or not—know they need to do something to take better care of their sanity. The practices Kate includes here are that something! Inspiring, practical, and real, A Year of Daily Calm has everything you need to dial down your stress, for real and for good.”

—Emma Johnson,

“If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this little book is your guide to re-claiming a sense of peace, one day at a time.”

—Laura Vanderkam, author of I Know How She Does It,

The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide

Think of The Chill Guide as your secret weapon in zapping stress. Hailed as “a lifesaver,” “laugh out loud funny” and “truly a gift,” this book has got your back!

The Chill Guide you one quick remedy from yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, or acupressure for a wide range of stressful situations—from big presentations to broken hearts, constipation to computer crashes. It helps you stay connected to yourself even in the midst of the most challenging day—which makes everything just a little bit better.

What People are Saying

“Kate Hanley is a delicious word chef who creates simple recipes for taking better care of yourself in order to live a lusciously healthy and happy life.”

—Kris Carr, NY Times bestselling author of Crazy Sexy Diet,

“Ingenious, light-hearted, and truly helpful. I wish I’d written it!”

—Jennifer Louden, self-care pioneer and author of multiple fabulous books that have collectively sold a million copies,

“This is a must-have handbook for coping with everyday snafus and struggles—a first –aid kit for the soul.”

—Terri Trespicio, TedX speaker (1 million views and counting) and brand consultant,