when perimenopause ends

When Perimenopause Ends: Notes from the Other Side

Today’s big idea is that perimenopause does end. Technically, perimenopause ends when it has been 12 months since your last period. Then you get your wings and graduate to the next phase of your life. The average length of the… more →

It’s So Weird that This Mattered to Me

It’s So Weird that This Mattered to Me

Rhode Island, where I live and where my paternal ancestors have lived for generations, has a funny status symbol: the all-numeric license plate. I know. It’s weird. But that’s the thing about Rhode Island—we pride ourselves on being quirky. Since… more →

the guilt of doing ok

Pandemic Real Talk: The Guilt of Doing OK

Today is Monday, March 22nd and we are just over one year in to the pandemic, two days into spring, and one week into Daylight Savings Time.  It’s a time of big transitions all around. This week’s theme is meant… more →

judge someone

Before You Judge Someone Else, Remember This

Today’s big idea is that during times of transition, it’s easier than ever to judge someone. Which is ironic, because this is when we need to offer each other the most tolerance we can muster. After all, we’re all recovering… more →


Establishing Boundaries: A Way to Show Self-Compassion

Today’s big idea is that establishing boundaries is a huge opportunity to exercise self-compassion. I think for most of us, we think about boundaries primarily as a means of self-protection, which they are, but thinking of them solely that way… more →

pay yourself first

 Pay Yourself First

Today’s big idea is that it’s easy to focus on paying your bills. We even say things like, “well, it pays the bills” when we describe our job. Or in our moments of panic we think, but how will I… more →


Three Healing Practices to Relax You in About an Hour

Today’s stress reduction methods are of the “done for you” variety. They take a longer amount of time than the methods we discussed in Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes. (Generally about an hour.) They also cost money. But there is a… more →