inner critic

Getting Around the Inner Critic

Today’s big idea is that there’s one huge obstacle to creativity, and that is your inner critic. I mean, a major portion of a critic’s job is to point out the flaws in other people’s art! In this case, the… more →


The Things We Feel Shame About 

Today’s thing that makes you feel like a bad person is kind of a doozy. For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to call it a shame-inducing event. But in your own mind you might call it making a big mistake. I’m… more →

messy mentor

Who Is Your Messy Mentor? 

Today’s big idea is that one reason perfectionism is proliferating is because of social media. It’s just so easy to spend hours a day looking at posts of people who appear to look perfect and have perfect lives. And while… more →

inner critic

Make Friends With Your Inner Critic

This week on the podcast, I’m talking about perfectionism. Because as honorable as it is to care about being a better person and to give a shit about bringing your best and making a difference, we can go overboard with… more →

Your Mess Is Your Message

Your Mess Is Your Message

Today’s big idea is that the things about you that don’t fit an image of perfection are actually a source of strength. They are often actually what you’re here to help other people with. Distilled into one catchy phrase, your… more →

body police

 Turn In Your Body Police Badge

So many of us have internalized the voices that say that bodies should look a certain way–any anything that’s beyond that certain way, whether it’s in size, ability, skin tone, hair type, or other characteristic–is bad.  That means when we… more →

body's signals

Listen to Your Body’s Signals

Whether you call it a gut feeling, or a feeling in your bones, your body houses your deepest wisdom. The problem is that it kinda talks in whispers. A fluttering in your chest. Maybe a flush in your cheeks. A… more →

wearing clothes that fit

Wearing Clothes that Fit

Body acceptance is something that’s pretty internal. It comes from changing how you think and feel, and while I LOVE talking about the mind component of any change, sometimes you just want to know what to DO differently. Today I’m… more →

think about your body

3 New Ways to Think About Your Body

 Today we’re talking about 3 different, and probably new ways to think about your body that can help you feel better about it and you. You’re reading the transcript of an episode of the How to Be a Better Person… more →