Motivate Yourself

One Simple Way To Motivate Yourself

Today’s big idea is that one way to motivate yourself is to think about how good you’re going to feel after you’ve done the thing that you aren’t feeling motivated to do. And not just briefly think, yeah, can’t wait… more →

perimenopause symptoms

Getting Help for Your Perimenopause Symptoms

Today’s big idea is there are several types of professional practitioners who can help you address your perimenopause symptoms. I value Western medicine, I truly do, but there are some things where it’s not all that helpful. And women’s health… more →


What Relaxation Is, and What It Isn’t

This week I’m talking about ways to truly, honestly, relax. Last week I talked about burnout. And a big player in burnout is when you never actually get to close the stress loop and you get stuck in the stress… more →


When Impatience Is a Good Thing

This week on the podcast I’m talking about patience. Because when I surveyed listeners about the number one thing they struggle with when it comes to feeling like a better person, they named patience. Or rather, impatience. Because when you’re… more →

build endurance

 The Only Way to Build Endurance Is to Endure

Today’s big idea is that the only way to build endurance is to endure. This is what we’re being called on to do now–to grow our resilience. Because you can’t build resilience when everything’s hunky dory.  Listen to the Podcast… more →


Experiencing Some End of Quarantine Blues? 

Today’s big idea is that you might be feeling something that could be surprising, or even confusing. And that is some sadness that quarantine will end.  Listen to the Podcast Here I honestly didn’t fully recognize that I was feeling… more →