Self-Care for A Less Stressful Fall Transition

This week on the podcast is all about shifting gears into a new season, and today is specifically about what to eat in fall. When life tends to pick up speed, even though in the Northern hemisphere at least, it’s… more →


Breaking the Cycle of Anger

Today I’m talking about anger, a very normal human emotion that can also be scary and can sometimes cause us to do things we regret. Or feel things that we’d really rather not feel. I wanted to reach out to… more →


How to Stop Overthinking Everything

Today’s big idea is that because you are listening to a podcast called how to be a better person, you give a shit about a lot of things, including making good choices. And that desire, while beautiful, can also be… more →


Peri-menopause Is a Feminist Issue

Today’s big idea is that it’s time to normalize peri-menopause. Because for too long, this natural shift that every person with a uterus and ovaries goes through has either been seen as either sad, scary, or shameful. Bringing peri-menopause out… more →

give to yourself

Give to Yourself, Too

Today’s big idea is that something we don’t generally think about when we think about being more generous is to give to yourself, too. Which is a really important piece of being a more giving person, because you can’t give… more →