Eff The F Bomb–Cutting Back On Curse Words

Today’s big idea is about finding new ways to express yourself without over-relying on the eff bomb. Which, let’s face it, is awfully easy to do in today’s world, for reasons I’ll talk more about in just a minute. But… more →

unreturned message

 International Unreturned Message Forgiveness Day!!

I’m declaring a new international holiday. It’s Unreturned Message Forgiveness Day. Woo hoo! This episode is airing on September 18th, but the magical thing about Unreturned Message Forgiveness day is that it can happen any day of the year. Whenever… more →

sorry, not sorry

Sorry, I’m Not Sorry

There’s something we do when we’re overly focused on other people’s happiness, and that is to apologize. A lot. I’m not talking about owning up to something that you truly got or did wrong. I’m talking about a reflexive “I’m… more →


Getting Over Over-Pleasing

Today I want to talk about over-pleasing. You know, minimizing your own needs and knocking yourself out to make other people happy.  When I first started thinking more about this subject, I was that it’s more of a woman thing…. more →

moms are taking it on the chin

Moms Are Stressed to the Max in This Pandemic

Let’s face it: Moms are stressed out in this pandemic. With remote school, no camps, and no childcare, we are adding all kinds of jobs to our plate: teacher’s aide, therapist, cruise director. Yes, children NEED these services (and their… more →

transitions are hard but good

Transitions Are Good, But Hard

We are in an extended transition right about now. Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, is behind us, but fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd. Collectively, we are in an in-between time. Back to school is also happening,… more →

Not Talking

The Power of NOT Talking

 An important–no, a vital–part of quality communications is NOT talking. That means sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut. Silence is the only way you can listen. But it’s often not easy to do! Listen To The Podcast Here… more →

Get Ready For Fall

A Quick Ritual to Get Ready for Fall

The fall equinox is on September 22, 2020, making now the perfect time to do a quick ritual to help shake off summer and get ready for fall. One of my principles of being a better person is that you… more →

passive aggressive gift

Have You Ever Gotten a Passive Aggressive Gift?

Sometimes gifts don’t feel like a gift at all; they feel more like a dig. Or maybe even more like a slap. You know—the straightening iron if you have curly hair. Or the subscription to Weight Watchers when you’ve been… more →