Why I Sign All Emails “Love, Kate”

Lil loves MommyYou may have noticed I close every email newsletter with a “Love.” It’s also my go-to signoff in regular, one-on-one emails.

Have you ever wondered what the heck I’m thinking?

Or kind of smirked and thought, “She doesn’t love me; she doesn’t even know me!”

Well, here’s why I do it:

I love you.


I am chuckling as I write this. It’s just so great that I get to just decide that I want to start working with people I love and loving the people I work with. And that I get to use a non-businessy word like “love” in all my business-related emails. It appeals to the rule breaker in me.

Also, coming out as a proponent of love is really freeing, and fun. Telling people you love them feels great! Feeling and sharing love is our natural state of being. (As evidence, I submit one of my daughter’s numerous love notes, above.)

But here’s the real truth:

I want the best for you.

I know without a doubt that you are loveable

I believe if you’re reading this that we’re connected for a reason, and that reason is love; I believe that we live in a loving universe and there is some benefit to be gained because we are connected.

(Is this getting weird yet?)

And I think that by me stepping out on a limb and leading with love, I create an opportunity for you to do the same that you wouldn’t get if I just signed my emails with a standard signoff.

Also, something really cool happens when I start working new clients.

At first, they sign their emails to me with something like “Hugs,” or “Fondly” or even “With love.” Or maybe they just skip a sign-off and don’t even write their name, pretty much avoiding the issue entirely.

I can sense that they feel they ought to respond back by saying “Love,” too, but they just can’t bring themselves to do it, because for whatever reason, they’re not feeling it. And that’s fine. I respect that honesty. But I also love that they had to think about how they really felt.

Over time, though, their sign-off changes. They get used to the feeling of having someone who has only recently met them see their value and love them for it. Their defenses come down a bit. And then one day, it happens.

They write “Love” back to me.

It’s not something we typically discuss directly, but man, is it a sweet moment! Because I know if they can get over their fear of being uncool or over-eager and use the word  “love” with me, they’ll also be doing it with other people. And those people will get the same experience. Just as I had the same experience with my first coach, Darla LeDoux. When I first emailed with her and she signed it “Love,” I thought, “Is she crazy?”

Now I think it would be crazy if I didn’t do it. It’s so easy, and so powerful!

Every time you open your heart to someone, you empower that person to open their hearts to countless more. (Click to tweet!)

Guess what I’m going to say now?

Yep. :=)



P.S. For those of you who are really feeling this message, here’s a link to a YouTube recording of Jackie DeShannon singing What the World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love.”


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