What’s Available If You Just Keep Going

Sam&DaveI read a great book with the kids (technically, they read it to me, which has been a really cool thing to witness—but that’s a subject for another post) and it has such a great lesson in it, I had to share.

It’s called Sam & Dave Dig a Hole, about two friends who decide they want something spectacular to happen today. So they decide to dig a hole until something cool occurs.

This is what happens (spoiler alert, kind of):


It is so great to read this book with kids, because they are screaming, “It’s right there!! Keep going!!!”

It’s so obvious to an outside observer that all they need to do is keep doing what they’re doing, and for just a little bit longer. But down inside that hole, Sam & Dave are thinking, “This isn’t fun.” “Maybe we’re doing it wrong.” “Let’s try something else.”

So they start digging in a different direction.

It kills me. Because I talk to colleagues and clients all the time who are right there at the bottom of that hole, doubting themselves and wondering if they should zig instead of zag.

Questioning isn’t a bad thing. Doubt is all part of the process—and a loving one at that, because it gives you a chance to re-commit. And when you re-commit, you pave the way for miracles.

Changing tactics is only detrimental when it’s a form of distraction—when you know deep down exactly what you want to do, but you’re letting those naturally-arising doubts talk you out of going for it. That’s when the giant, glittery diamond stays hidden in three inches of dirt.

For those of you out there who are trying to create something spectacular in your life, my message to you is–keep going! Consistency is your best friend.

Consistency is like compound interest: Keep showing up, and your rewards will multiply exponentially. (Click to tweet!)

Commit to regularly doing the things you know to move the needle for you, and the next right opportunity will find you. You’ll naturally grow into whatever the next level is for you.

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