What Strengths Are You Not Seeing?

focusMy clients hear me say this again and again:

What you focus on grows. (Click to Tweet!)

Which begs the question – what are you focusing on?

It’s so tempting to hone in on what’s going wrong. The skill you don’t have. The hole in your resume. The fight you just keep having again and again. They symptom that keeps coming back. The client or the lover who got away.

The problem is, your awareness has undeniable energy. It’s a scientific principle that the very act of observing something affects the outcome. When all you can see is what’s not working, you’re giving that undesirable thing strength.

The other problem is, when you focus is on the flaws of a situation, you fail to see the strengths. And there are always strengths! And don’t you want to bring all your strengths to the table when it comes to your health and happiness?

Thought so. =)

(The rest of this newsletter is really for the ladies. Sorry, fellas!)

So if I were to tell you that you had a built-in GPS that can steer you toward optimal wellness, help you get more done with less of a toll on your health, and put you in touch with your deepest wisdom, wouldn’t you want to focus on that super power?

I hope you’re saying yes! Ha.

You do have this power; it’s inside you at all times. It’s called your cycle. As in period.*

And sadly, the menstrual cycle is one place where nearly all of the focus it receives is on what’s wrong with it.

PMS. Cramps. Inconvenient timing. Bloating. Moodiness. The female cycle is considered to be an inconvenience at best, and a curse at worst.

It really kills me that we women are so disconnected from our cycles, which are the very things that make us human, that make us feminine, and that connect us to our intuition and to the divine.

That’s why my co-author, Ellen Barrett, and I wrote The 28 Days Lighter Diet, to help women learn to work with their cycles instead of ignoring it, dreading it, or beating it into submission. So you can get out from under PMS. So your body can find balance and shed those extra pounds. We packed as much info as we could into the 200 pages of the book. But there is so much more to celebrate when it comes to the cycle!

So I’m hosting The 28 Days Lighter Super Summit – a week-long virtual conference that offers new perspectives on how to use your menstrual cycle to lose weight, end PMS, achieve optimal wellness, and get happy!

Starting Friday, March 28th, I’ll interview one expert each day on a particular aspect of the cycle. These are some of my favorite and most-respected colleagues, and I am thrilled to introduce you to them and give the amazing work they’re doing a bigger microphone.

 28 days lighter photo collage

It’s completely free to attend. Each call will be broadcast  twice a day, with a new interview every day for a week. (And if your schedule prevents you from hearing them all, you can buy the recordings to add to your personal audio library too.)

Sign up now

Once you sign up, I’ll send you friendly reminder emails before each call so you can be sure to tune in to the people and subjects that matter most to you. And if you know a friend who could use some help focusing on her strengths (we all do at some point), forward this email and invite her to join you! When you share something, you give it power.

Here’s to your strengths. I’ll “see” you at the Super Summit!

* If you are past menopause, you have a different type of super power—the ability to teach the younger women in your life how to make peace with their cycles. If you have had a partial hysterectomy, you still have a hormonal cycle thanks to your ovaries. And if you have had a full hysterectomy, you still have the energetic properties of your uterus and ovaries even though you may no longer have their physical representations.


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    1. Also, if you purchase the upgrade of all the recordings, you get a free Diva Cup if you’re one of the first 10 to purchase! We’ll also be giving one away each day of the Summit on the Facebook page for the 28 Days Lighter Diet. Stay tuned for more details on that!

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