What My Peri-Menopause Has to Do With You

the author withinI sat down today to write an utterly compelling post designed to inspire the handful of you reading this who have been thinking of writing a book for months (or years) (or decades) to check out the cool new book writing program that I’ve been working on behind the scenes for these last few weeks.

But all I really want to say is: Hi, I’m Kate, and I’m peri-menopausal.

So what does the status of my reproductive years have to do with it?

Well, hear me out.

For years now, my mom has been telling me that both she and my grandmother were done with menopause by the time they were 45. I understand that she’s trying to help me manage my expectations and that she wants to share valuable information about our family medical history. But I felt like she was trying to tell me how my own experience with menopause was going to go down. (Isn’t it hard to be a mom to a daughter? You try and be helpful and they basically tell you to talk to the hand.) Also, it made me think, I’m a yogi and eat really healthy and there is no way it is going to happen to me that early. And, a little bit, I’ll worry about that when I’m 45.

Well, I’ve been 45 for all of two months (not even, not quite). And guess what? My cycle has gotten weird. Really weird. And it started pretty much the moment I turned 45. Ha! I get the irony, I really do. The peri-menopause that I have been swearing wouldn’t happen to me so young is happening. It is on.

Also, my son is in his last week of pre-school, and will be starting kindergarten soon.

All of which has got me thinking about getting older, naturally. It all goes so fast! I’m hormonal and weepy and tender-hearted and also wanting to wring the last drops out of every day—work hard, play hard, love hard, rest well.

My budding peri-menopause is making me want to say to you:No matter how old you feel, you’re still younger than you’ll ever be. (Click to tweet!)


The sooner you start whatever it is you’ve been dreaming about, the sooner you’ll enjoy the results. (Click to tweet!)

For the handful of you out there who are reading this who have a book inside you, don’t you want to get started now? So that later, when you’re looking at a picture of yourself that you took in summer of 2015, you’ll be able to thank this previous version of yourself for taking the leap and putting your point of view out there in a way that opened doors you could hardly even imagine? So that this future version of yourself will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and perhaps even be living a markedly different reality than you are right now?

Maybe the answer is no, and that’s cool. Maybe you’re not at all interested in writing a book, or maybe you are but the time isn’t right. That’s OK. I will run the class again, probably next spring, and maybe then the time will be right.

But if the answer is yes—yes, you do want to finally write that book and do it in such a way that you can have a blast and a big impact—well then, join me.

How do you do that? Check out the pretty page I created for it here. If you want more information, you can email me and ask me to send you the class outline. At some point we’ll schedule a quick phone call so you can get all your questions answered and we can be sure we’re a good fit for each other.

And for the rest of you, what other project is calling to your heart that you can start on now, when you’re younger than you’ll ever be again? I support you!


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