What Are You Releasing Post-Pandemic? 


Today’s big idea is that this experience of living through a pandemic has taught us some stuff about ourselves. It’s shown us what we truly value… and it’s made plain some things that just don’t need to keep around because we’ve realized that they’ve been keeping us down. Maybe it was a particular relationship or a group of friends, or a client, a habit of running away from your feelings. 

Whatever it may be I KNOW there’s something you’re seeing differently than you did before we all went into quarantine in March 2020. 

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Let today be the day that you very intentionally assess what you DON’T want to bring with you in to the phase that comes after the pandemic–these could be things you’re consciously choosing to leave behind. Doing so will help you release those things–from your life, from your consciousness, and even from your energy. 

I love this word, release, because it means you stop hanging on. It’s about exerting less effort; not forcing. It’s about cutting the cords that might be weighing you down. Releasing is how you lighten your load, and feel renewed, and make space for good things to either come to you or to grow. 

For me, the things I’m releasing post-pandemic are…

Saying yes to every potential ghostwriting project. The pandemic showed me very clearly that I had been trying to contain too many projects for my particular brain. It was unsustainable. I don’t know exactly what the way forward looks like, but I know for sure that something’s got to change. 

Hopping in the car multiple times a day

Not having a space of my own for work (I work in the living room of our house, which is great when everyone goes off to school and work, and less great when everyone is home and I am the hub of the wheel) 

Thought patterns that kept me from exercising regularly–things like, oh that’s not that important, I can blow it off, or, what’s the point? 

So….what’s on your list? 

As soon as this episode is over, if you can, jot down a list of the things that you’re ready to release.

You may not know what you’re replacing these things with. And that is totally, totally fine. All you need to be clear on at this point is that by releasing these things, you’re creating space for something better. 

Once you’ve got your list, you can do a quick little releasing ceremony. You can burn the paper (outside, in a metal bowl, because if you put it in a plastic bowl the plastic will melt–I know this from experience so please learn from my misadventures in releasing!). Or, you can tear the paper up into teeny, tiny pieces and bury them, returning them to the earth. Or some other creative thing that you think up. 

And then after you do little releasing ceremony, I HIGHLY recommend doing something cleansing

Check out episode 386 for 3 ways to cleanse your energy. Think of it as spring cleansing, which is different than spring cleaning but still super super important! It will help you wash off the old and be open to the new, and be an energetic match for something new that totally suits you and help you be that better person you wanna be. 

I hope this week of episodes on spring cleaning your life has brought you some lightness and some clarity and some pep in your step. If you missed any of the episodes, they start at episode 417–you can go back and catch up. 

I hope you have a great weekend, or week–I notice that a lot of you are listening on Mondays and I just want to say, thanks for inviting me in to your life and I hope that the week ahead helps you feel like a better person. 


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