So You Want to Be a Better Person—Where Do You Start?

Be a better person

Wanting to be a better person is such an honorable intention. No matter why you want to be a better person—maybe it’s something uncomfortable, like you’ve let someone down; or happy, like you’re going to have a baby—it’s a sign that you’re open to growth. And growth is a wonderful thing.

The problem is, “be a better person” is a bit of a squishy and unwieldy goal—like trying to get an octopus into a string bag. Where on earth do you start?

In my new book How to Be a Better Person, I divided the tips up into eight categories that reflect different aspects of your life—concrete things like work, love, health, managing your stuff, and giving back; as well as softer subjects such as seeing the positive, showing love, and staying committed.

To help you dive in to the book and personalize it’s advice to you and where you are in your life at this particular moment, I combined those eight categories with a classic coaching exercise (known as the wheel of life) to create the Where Do I Start? Self-Assessment.

How to Be a Better Person Where Do I Start Self-Assessment

It easy. It’s one page. It gives you the clarity you need to make your lovely-but-vague desire to be better a tangible plan. And it’s pretty darn cute, to boot, right? (Thanks to my husband for designing it for me.)

This Self-Assessment is part of the bundle of goodies you get when you pre-order my new book How to Be a Better Person (you also get a downloadable “Be a Better Person Pledge” and a free copy of the ebook version of my first book, The Anywhere Anytime Chill Guide–meaning, two books for the price of one!)


Download your Where Do I Start? Self-Assessment here!

And this little video is a Facebook Live I did where I walk you through how to use the assessment. The form itself is pretty self-explanatory but I think the stuff I share in this video will help you dive in and get the biggest bang for you bucK! (Or rather, your not-buck, since it is is free. Ha.)

Grab your tea and a pen and let’s see what there is to be seen, shall we?

Remember, you can’t mess this up. It’s not about getting great grades, or winning (or losing) at life. It’s just about giving yourself the gift of taking an objective look at where you are now so you can get clearer about where you want to go.

If you’ve already bought the book, don’t forget to sign up for your pre-order bonuses. (If you don’t have your receipt number, it’s fine. I trust you. =) Just fill in a string of random numbers and it will still work.)


Want to be a better person, but don’t know where to start?

My new daily podcast, How to Be a Better Person, is here to help by sharing one simple thing you can do in the next 24 hours to rise. My mission? To help you live your best life.

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