The Party May Be Over, But the Chill Remains

The Virtual Chill Tour wrapped up last night with our final set of replays.

Sigh. I’ve got such a sweet love hangover from it all – the conversations I had with some of my favorite people, the flashbulbs that went off in my head as my guests shared their insights, the great feedback I’ve gotten from some of you listeners, the connections that were made.

None of it would have been possible without you. THANK YOU for showing up and for committing some of your time to the powerful idea of doing less.

If you missed any calls, you can still purchase all 8 audio files and add them to your media library for ever and ever. The cost is $27, and it includes the ebook version of my book, The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide (a $10 value).

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(If you’d like a refresher of who I spoke to what we talked about, scroll to the bottom of this blog.)

I’ve got one final Virtual Chill Tour request of you. Please add your comments to this post and tell me who you listened to, and what insights or questions you had. It will help me plan the next tele-retreat, and your sharing what you are taking away will help cement those a-has in that beautiful brain of yours.

Special offer just for those of you who are Moms

Beyond BabyMy final guest, Meagan Francis of, announced a very cool new program she’s launching during her Chill Tour interview. It’s a free weekly email program for Moms whose kids aren’t as young as they used to be, and who are wanting to do some growing of their own now that they their kids aren’t so little any more.

Sign up and learn more at this URL she created just for us:

Meagan’s also posted a podcast where she interviewed me, and a guest post I wrote for her blog: Remedy for Mom Malaise: Share Your Genius.

Let’s show Meagan some love, and go check out her chill page!


Danielle WatsonDanielle Watson

Danielle’s theme: How indulging in what we want changes everything, plus, what your purse reveals about you. Fascinating! (I took Danielle up on her offer to do her Purse Process – I wrote about it here.

Danielle’s websites: and

Toni McLellanToni McLellan

Toni’s theme: How and why to embrace creativity as part of your daily life (and the power of occasionally wearing a tinfoil hat). Toni is fun and funny, you’ll love just being in her presence.

Toni’s website:

Kara ThomKara Thom

Kara’s theme: Kara has built a writing career out of being an ambassador of fitness (she’s completed triathlons, run marathons, and written several books and countless blog posts about staying fit while also being a mom). And then, her body gave out on her. So she went on an exercise detox (shepherded by my other guest, Katy Bowman). In this interview, she talks about how doing less of something that has defined her has paid off in incredible and even unbelievable ways. Make sure you’re drinking tea while listening to this, Kara is your best friend you’ve never met.

Kara’s website: Mama Sweat

Tandy PryorTandy Pryor

Tandy’s theme: Tandy is a fellow coach who has a distinct style of being direct and compassionate. She’s also an instinctive feng shui practitioner, and in this interview, I asked her about how our physical environment creates or reduces stress, and how we can all make more space for our best selves to show up. She also shared one thing you can do as soon as the call is over to spruce up the energy in your home – and your life.

Tandy’s website:

Kelli BassKelli Bass

Kelli’s theme: Kelli is one of my mentors and one of the most upbeat people I know. Kelli says she made a conscious decision to stop worrying, and I ask her all about how and why she did it, and what we can do to do it too.

Kelli’s website: She doesn’t have one! But she shares her contact info on the call.

Katy BowmanKaty Bowman

Katy’s theme: Katy is a biomechanist who studies the way our bodies our intended to work and teaches us how to undo the habits that cause misalignment and pain. Katy describes this interview as her “BEST EVER” (her capitalization) on describing what she does. She also shares the number one most important thing we can do to keep our bodies happy and reduce unnecessary physical stress. She’s also totally real and flat-out funny – prepare to get your chuckle on.

Katy’s websites: and

Meagan FrancisMeagan Francis

Meagan’s theme: Meagan is writer and blogger with a huge following and several books under her belt – and all her writing is aimed at helping families live more relaxed, more fulfilling lives. She’s also the mom of five and a genius at knowing when to ignore conventional wisdom and societal expectations and just do what works for you. In this interview, Meagan shares how she kicks so much butt and stays relaxed about it all. This is a real look behind the scenes!

Meagan’s website:

Kate HanleyKate Hanley

My theme: I talked all about the Practice of Getting Real. Because there’s nothing more chill-producing than being true to yourself – saying what’s on your mind and making decision based on what you truly want. Although authenticity is the schiz, it’s not a “set it and forget it” deal. To stay on your one true path, you need a practice – something you do with regularity that helps you hear what’s true for you. I share my own personal practice and give you tools to make a practice that supports you and works with your vida loca.

My website: You’re on it.


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    1. Thanks Danielle. Yes, Katy’s a peach! Loved her analogy of imagining that you have stars on each of your joints and focusing on making as many different constellations with your stars during the day. Brilliant.

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