UPDATE: I Cashed That Check

Kate - workoutLast fall, I wrote about how I had a vision of getting paid by a brand to spread the message of staying connected to what’s true to you, even in the midst of your vida loca.

You can read that post — titled “I Can’t Wait to Cash the Check” here.

I’m so happy to share an update: I am now blogging for Acacia TV. And I just cashed my first check! Can I get a whoop whoop?

Acacia has a beautiful catalog that sells clothes, furnishings, jewelry, garden supplies and gifts, all with an eco-friendly bent. They also produce great fitness DVDs and stream workouts (by the likes of Shiva Rea) online at Acacia TV. I am thrilled to be working with them, because we share a dedication to helping people do the things that matter to them – get fit, get quiet, get right. And they know that true wellness goes way beyond calories in and calories out – they’ve got a whole section of their website dedicated to all things Mind-Body, and that’s where I come in. =) 

Here’s the link to check out my posts for the Acacia TV mind-body blog.

So far, I’ve written about how to incorporate your kids into your at-home yoga sessions, stretches to ward off colds and flu, and how to tell when rest is just what you need and when it’s a cop out. There’s a new post every week, and I’ll include a link to each new post here. (If you have any topics you’d like me to cover, shoot me an email! I’d love to have your input.)

I’m sharing this news with you not just to toot my own horn (although I am a big fan of sharing the stuff you’re celebrating), but to show you that the principles I talk about work–for me and for you too.

Here’s how to help make some of these big ideas and dreams you’ve got floating around in your brain real:

Do what you do and do it consistently, but make sure you pause long enough to get clear on where you are headed. This opportunity found me because I’ve been consistently talking about my subject matter for years. But I’ve no doubt that it happened when it did because I got clear that I wanted it. And that clarity took me getting my butt on a plane and surrounding myself with people who knew more than I did for a weekend. That act definitely inspired a certain amount of doubt and fear, but it was also incredibly fun and invigorating. You can’t figure everything out while sitting behind your laptop!

Don’t get attached to specifics. I initially thought I’d be working with a totally different kind of company – I had a car company in mind. If I were dead set on that idea, I’d be at least partially disappointed right about now. Which would be so silly! When you get clear, figure out the broad strokes – who you’re going to be serving, what kind of value they’re going to get, why you care – and let the universe fill in the rest of the blanks. (I just recorded an audio about this very topic for my private clients –- one of the perks you get for hiring me as your coach!)

Celebrate (when the money’s in the bank). Obviously, I believe in sharing good news. But I made darn sure that the check was in my account before I did it. It’s easy to get your hopes dashed by banking on something that hasn’t completely finalized itself yet. Just hold off on the celebrating until the money has cleared. And while you’re waiting for that to happen, keep doing what you do and do it the best that you can (otherwise, simply sitting and waiting is a surefire way to throw water on any flames of progress).

What are you celebrating? I’d love to hear about it and high five you, either in the comments below, or on the MsMindbody Facebook page!


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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: I Cashed That Check

  1. My suggestion for a topic from me currently is pain. Knowing about your husbands broken ankle, and dealing with the change in lifestyle for many weeks, it is very hard to admit to needing help, or redistributing chores, and not being as responsible as always- especially for the Mom, or caregiver in the household. I have had lots of pain with accidents in the last few years. Two years ago I had a major knee tear-up, acl, mcl, and meniscus, which took over 18 months of pain, healing, and physical therapy. Then a few weeks ago I fell and fractured my sacrum on the ice, took percocets, and got up to make dinner for the kids and fainted in the kitchen and broke 5 ribs. Then yesterday, my husband has a cold, I try to get the ice and snow off the car to take the kids to school, pull on the door handle with my injured side, and the frozen door doesn’t open and I tear muscles around those ribs! Pain killers alone are a challenge, let alone constant pain, not being able to exercise and get outside. Looking on the bright side and being patient about anything is a real struggle. Advise (with no jokes because it hurts to laugh), would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Sherri

    1. Sherri, my heart goes out to you! Thank you so much for your suggestion and for sharing your story. I would say it’s no accident you’ve had so many accidents. Something in your life needs to give, and since it hasn’t, your body has to be the one to try to go beyond its limits. Without knowing anything about your situation but what you’ve shared here, I’ve got two words for you: get help. It took my husband essentially breaking his ankle twice and all four of us getting the stomach flu to finally hire someone to come in and help with dishes and laundry and other ‘Mom’ tasks. Otherwise, I’d end up on the couch for several weeks myself. What can you minimize, outsource, or delegate? How can you allow more support in to your life? I say this with so much love. Sometimes we all have bad luck, but when something happens repeatedly, it’s here to teach you something, and it will keep happening until you get the message. Sending you love, peace, and acceptance. Love, Kate (P.S., My friend Brooke Thomas over at LiberatedBodies.com is a Rolfer and is on a mission to help people become free of physical pain and discomfort. Check her out!)

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