Un-Do 2022: Let’s Un-Do This!

It’s a new year!!!!!! Time to get busy fixing all the things that are wrong about you, right?!?

Ugh. No. Please. This year, let’s approach things a little differently–more curiosity and gentleness, less judgment and pre-conceived ideas.

I’m Kate, host of the How to Be a Better Person podcast. This year, I invited my good friend Terri Trespicio, author of the AMAZING new book Unfollow Your Passion, to come up with 5 anti-resolutions for a better new year. I call it Un-Do 2022. Because after a two-year period like we’ve just had, who has the stomach for any kind of “let’s do this!” thinking? Let’s do less, not more. Let’s simplify, not amplify. And let’s de-clutter some ideas so create a vision for the year ahead that’s interesting, fulfilling, and unexpected in the very best way.

To do some new thinking about resolutions, click on the images below (they will take you to transcripts of podcast episodes where you can either read what Terri and I talked about, or listen to the episode itself.)

New Year's Resolutions for 2022: Unsubscribe from unhelpful ideasNew Year's Resolutions for 2022: Unplan your life

Anti-Resolution for New Year's 2022New Year's Resolutions for 2022: Be Bored

New Year's Resolution for 2022: Un-Fix Yourself