The Secret to Having the Best Beach Trip Ever, Every Time 

beach trip

For today’s big idea, I’m sharing my VERY BEST tip on how to have a fool-proof, fabulous beach trip every time. It’s so good. I can’t even believe I’m sharing it, because now it will be out of the bag. And if more people start doing it, at some point it won’t be so special any more. But it really is so great that I’m willing to risk it. 

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Are you ready? Here’s my hot tip:

in order to have the optimal beach experience, you want to get there at 4 o’clock. In the afternoon. Preferably on a Sunday. 

That’s right. Going to the beach in the morning or middle of the day is way, way over-rated. 

Here are the many powerful reasons that a late afternoon beach trip is just the bomb

First, the light is gorgeous and the sun is not as intense as it is when it’s directly above. That means two fabulous things–it’s not as hot, and you don’t have to worry about getting sunburned (although I do definitely still recommend sunscreen, especially if it’s the beginning of the summer and your skin hasn’t acclimated to sun exposure yet). 

Second, it will be way, way less crowded. That means not only will you have plenty of room to play your Kadima or spread out alllllll the beach blankets, but you can park right near the path to the beach and won’t have to lug your stuff nearly as far. It also means you likely won’t encounter the dreaded beach traffic. 

Third, most beaches, at least here in RI where I live but I assume other places too, stop charging to park at 4 o’clock. That means it’s FREE. 

And fourth, going on Sunday afternoon means you are wringing every last hour out of your summer weekend–and that gives you plenty of time during the day to do any household chores, like laundry or grocery shopping. And the store will be less crowded, too, because most other people will be at the beach. 

Here’s how you do it: 

Leave the house at 3:15. You’re to the beach by or just after 4, which is when most parking lots stop charging to park. 

You can either pack a picnic dinner–ideally leftovers from last night’s BBQ, like chicken wings and corn on the cob, and then get ice cream on the way home. Or, bring cheese and crackers and whatever your beverage of choice is and have a fancy snack on the beach and then stop at a restaurant on the way home. On Sunday night, it probably won’t be that crowded. 

Just make sure you rinse off before you climb into bed, because I don’t care how much you love the beach, nobody likes sandy sheets!

And that, my friends, is my super secret strategy for having an amazing beach trip, every time!

I hope you’ll try it out, and if you do, shoot me a DM on Instagram (@katehanleyauthor) or Twitter (@katewhanley). I’d love to hear about it. 

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