The Secret to Happiness That’s Hiding in Your Kitchen Sink

gleaming kitchen sinkSee this gleaming, tidy sink? Isn’t it gorgeous?

I’m guessing that if we took a picture of your kitchen sink at this very moment, it wouldn’t look anything like this beauty. Am I right?

I’d also wager that how you feel about the disparity between your real-world sink and this idealized version reveals quite a lot about, well everything: your relationship, your self-esteem, even your productivity and fulfillment on the career front.

How can a sink and its contents possibly have any bearing on all these other areas? Because, my dear friends:

How you’re being in one part of your life is how you’re being in all parts of your life. (Click to Tweet!)

If your sink is overflowing with dirty dishes and it immediately makes you angry that someone else didn’t do them, there are probably a lot of other places where your first instinct is to find someone else to blame.

If you walk in to the kitchen and see a sink full of dirty plates and start feeling sorry for yourself, a la “Why do I have to be the one to do all the work around here?” or “When will I ever get to just sit down and relax,” you’re probably (unconsciously) playing the martyr card in a lot of other areas of your life.

If you’re spending a ton of time or energy each day making sure your sink always looks like this photo, there are probably other places you’re over-working and distracting yourself with trying to make things picture perfect.

I’ve tried each of these approaches; I know how alluring they can be. But I can also tell you this: When I learned—after a lot of trial and error—how to embrace dish-doing (or non-doing, as the case may be), a lot of other things shifted for me as well. I fought a lot less with my husband. I freed up a lot of energy to focus on my work. I became a lot more patient with my kids. Heck, I even lost weight. So it’s a subject that’s near and dear to my heart.

Join me next Thursday, May 22, for a no-cost teleclass: How You Do the Dishes Is How You Do Everything: 4 Ways the Contents of Your Sink Reveal How You’re Keeping Yourself Stuck, and What You Can Do About It. I’m going to pack in as much as I can into 30 minutes to help you find more peace and fulfillment when standing at the kitchen sink—and everywhere!

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It’s the first in a series of three monthly teleclasses I’m teaching designed to help you see where you are, make space for new ideas and habits to take hold, and create all kinds of cool new developments that are way, WAY less likely to happen if you’re spending time each day getting upset or obsessing about something as inevitable as the dishes. =)

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