Take it Down a Notch—Tips to Reduce Stress

tips to reduce stress

How do you allow yourself to ‘take it down a notch?’ A couple of weeks ago, in my newsletterwhich, have you signed up for? You can do so by clicking on get podcastnews at beabetterpersonpodcast.com. I asked listeners to share the single best thing they’ve done that has helped them take their stress levels down several notches since the pandemic started. I was really inspired by your answers so I want to their tips to reduce stress.

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Take It Down A Notch—Tips to Reduce Stress

Cena, who writes in from Brooklyn, wrote in to advocate for a daily tech-free walk

She says: 

Early in, I realized I was foregoing the 10 blocks of walking that was part of my normal commute to and from work. So each morning I check my work email to make sure nothing blew up over night (so I can not worry about that), then go for a 30 minute walk through my neighborhood. I leave my phone behind (otherwise, I’m constantly stopping to reply to texts) and just take note of the flowers and air and buildings (crossing the street to avoid non-masked congregants.) Helps me remember that there’s more to life than zoom meetings.”

Coincidentally, and unbeknownst to Cena, her mom, Avis, also wrote in from Iowa with a great tip to reduce stress

“I am 82 years-old and have been isolated alone in my house since March and found that I was tempted to watch too much TV news. So, I dug around in a drawer of old music books and sheet music and when I need to shut down my brain from too much news, I sit down and play some of that old music that I haven’t seen in years.” 

How cool is that? It makes me want to put my years of piano lessons as a kid to good use on our keyboard, although I’m not sure that would be relaxing for my family as I’m sure I’ll be rusty. 

Tiana combines those two pieces of advice by pairing a hobby with a walk outside as a tip to reduce stress

She says:

“I have been taking walks in the evenings to see the sunset, sometimes with friends or family, and sometimes on my own. Photographing the sunsets and sharing the photos in messages with family and friends helps me to feel more connected, and makes taking the photos more meaningful and fun! When I return home, I am more relaxed and feel thankful for the beautiful gift that I gave to myself!”

I love that Tiana’s tip also has a component of connecting to others, which sometimes gets short shrift during a busy day or week—I know I fall prey to that. 

Merrill wrote in from England to second the power of getting outside

Merrill’s been doing it with her kids, whether it’s taking a bike ride, a walk, or a paddle board. She says, “Nature is a healer and relieves sibling stresses and parental, too.: And, she adds, that hot chocolate helps, too!”

And finally, Kristin wrote in to give meditation a plug

She says: “Yes, wine helps, but not when I have 6 or more hours of work still to tackle. On those days when irritability and frustration are running high, clearing my mind and getting grounded has been priceless. I’ve even had a few days when I’ve double-dosed it because I needed an extra boost. I’m no yogi, but it’s been a delightful surprise.” 

Do you have a helpful tip to reduce stress?

How do you take it down a notch? I’d love to hear about it so that I can share with other listeners! Email it to me using the contact kate button on beabetterpersonpodcast.com — it’s way at the bottom, but it’s there! Or by DMing me on Instagram where I am @katehanleyauthor. 

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