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Emotions Carry Messages. Are You Receiving Them?

If we’re connected on Instagram (@MsMindbody)or Facebook (if we’re not, I’d love to be!), you saw this photo this week. It’s me, making my “Grrrr” face. I was seriously irritated by something that I just couldn’t shake, despite doing all… more →

Your Mess Is Your Message

When we moved to Providence four years ago, I was nervous to tell the people I met what I did. What would happen if I told them I was a coach and the author of a book on reducing your… more →

A Tale of Two Augusts

Last August, I made a conscious decision to work as little as possible. I still had coaching calls with existing clients, but pretty much everything else I let slide. I wanted to do a deep dive with my kids. I… more →

How I Stopped Creating My Own Misery

There was a time in my life when I had backed myself into quite a corner. I had just had my second (and last) baby, and I was miserable. Post-pregnancy hormone swings and sleepless nights aside, I was creating the… more →

4 Ways to Have a More Peaceful Evening

When my kids were very small, as in ages 2 and 0, dinner was my daily dose of insanity. I got so stressed cooking and plating the food, cajoling bites into little mouths, doing it all in a timely manner… more →

Hello, Unexpected, Come On In

This morning I was in my nightie, hair all a mess, listening to some kiddie music with my daughter and wondering how we were going to fill our morning since the sitter had the day off. Or so I thought…. more →

Smooth Out Life’s Bumps with Sphinx Pose

March is my least favorite month. There, I said it. One day it’s 60 degrees and sunny and the next it’s a high of 32. Even when it’s sunny it seems there’s a vicious wind making you wish you hadn’t… more →

Eye Yi Yi

I love writing for a living. And as I recently admitted, I love reality TV. The sad part is, both of these callings require many hours spent staring at a screen. Hours that result in dry, red, and strained eyes…. more →