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Making a Sanity Plan for Election Night

This week on the podcast I’m talking about digging deep during hard times. Because the election is tomorrow. And who knows what kind of nutty things are going to transpire this week? Regardless of how you feel about the election,… more →

Not Knowing

Be OK with Not Knowing What Will Happen

My tip for you today is in the form of a phrase that I find helpful whenever I notice that I am starting to feel anxious about not knowing what will happen next. And that phrase is, ‘More will be… more →


Breaking Free from PSD (Patriarchy Stress Disorder)

Today I’m speaking directly to women, about the pervasive and chronic stress they experience as a result of living in a patriarchy. (Although if you’re of the male or non-binary persuasion I hope that you’ll keep listening, because being curious… more →

Alone Time

The Need For Alone Time Is Real

For those of us quarantined with other people–especially parents with kids–there is a whollllllle lotta together time. In many ways, it’s great. We get to see each other and be with each other through all kinds of moods. But alone… more →


Eff The F Bomb–Cutting Back On Curse Words

Today’s big idea is about finding new ways to express yourself without over-relying on the eff bomb. Which, let’s face it, is awfully easy to do in today’s world, for reasons I’ll talk more about in just a minute. But… more →

unreturned message

 International Unreturned Message Forgiveness Day!!

I’m declaring a new international holiday. It’s Unreturned Message Forgiveness Day. Woo hoo! This episode is airing on September 18th, but the magical thing about Unreturned Message Forgiveness day is that it can happen any day of the year. Whenever… more →

moms are taking it on the chin

Moms Are Stressed to the Max in This Pandemic

Let’s face it: Moms are stressed out in this pandemic. With remote school, no camps, and no childcare, we are adding all kinds of jobs to our plate: teacher’s aide, therapist, cruise director. Yes, children NEED these services (and their… more →