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The Personal Costs of Inaction

The Personal Costs of Inaction

Today’s big idea is that if there’s something that you’re wanting to do, or needing to do, and you’re not doing it, a good way to get yourself motivated is to think about the personal costs of inaction and the… more →

Secret to Getting More Sleep

The No. 1 Secret to Getting More Sleep

One of the best ways to restore yourself—the way we have programmed into us to make sure we restore ourselves is to sleep. Now, sleep is a huge topic that could fill many episodes. Just for today, I’m going to… more →

The Key to Better Sleep

The Surprising Key to Better Sleep

A simple way to prevent a burnout and to help you restore, renew, and just generally feel like a sane and strong human being, is better sleep. Sweet sweet sleep! When you get enough of it, the world just feels… more →