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Resist That Urge To People-Please!

There’s something you want to keep in mind any time you’re tempted to people-please. And it’s this: everyone is on their own journey. Meaning, two things: There is only so much you can do for anyone else. You can’t make… more →

Repair before you replace

Finance Tip: Repair Before You Replace

Today I want to talk the benefits of when you repair something yourself. And about what to do before you head out to the store, or open up your browser to go shopping online, to replace something that needs fixing—first… more →


Finding Your Way to Self-Acceptance

You don’t have to be perfect to love yourself. Self-acceptance–accepting the things about yourself that you might otherwise judge as ‘bad’–is a big piece of loving yourself. After all, love isn’t conditional. It’s not, I’ll love myself after I lose… more →