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Restoring Yourself

Practice Restoring Yourself For A Better 2021

This week of the year is about restoration — restoring yourself, your energy, and your spirit. No plans to make. No goals to set. Just refilling the well. Today’s big idea is about restoring yourself. And that doing the thing… more →

Secret to Getting More Sleep

The No. 1 Secret to Getting More Sleep

One of the best ways to restore yourself—the way we have programmed into us to make sure we restore ourselves is to sleep. Now, sleep is a huge topic that could fill many episodes. Just for today, I’m going to… more →

New Year’s Day is a super potent time for following a foolproof strategy for a great year that will set the tone for the rest of the year. 

A Foolproof Strategy for a Great Year

Happy new year! This week on the podcast is all about restoration—how to recuperate from a real dumpster fire of a year and restore yourself in mind, body, and spirit. Because you deserve it. Today’s big idea is that New… more →