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My Favorite Easy Meditation: Cloud-Watching

Cultivating your ability to observe things is a crucial piece of reining in your attention. So today, I am going to teach you my favorite easy meditation. I want you to build your ability to observe by watching something that… more →

getting more nature in your life

Getting More Nature In Your Life

Mother Nature is a big time healer. She know that by getting more nature in your life with the amount of time we spent in her presence, it would do our bodies a lot of good.  Think about it; we… more →

give yourself some space and do nothing

Give Yourself some Space and Do Nothing

Today’s big idea is that sometimes a lack of motivation can mean you’re just all around tired. In which case you should just let yourself off the hook and simply give yourself some space and do nothing.  I mean seriously,… more →

Secret to Getting More Sleep

The No. 1 Secret to Getting More Sleep

One of the best ways to restore yourself—the way we have programmed into us to make sure we restore ourselves is to sleep. Now, sleep is a huge topic that could fill many episodes. Just for today, I’m going to… more →

Finding Leisure in Your Life

How to Have More Leisure In Your Life

Leisure is a super important part of life and health. Creating more leisure in your life and doing things simply for the enjoyment they bring can prevent a burnout and ensure overall happiness. But you would be surprised how hard… more →

If I Could Give All Moms One Thing…

I learned everything I needed to know about motherhood before my first child was even officially born. Of course, I need to continually remember and deepen that learning, but it was all right there in those 72 hours of labor…. more →