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Future Gratitude

How ‘Future Gratitude’ Can Get Your Butt into Gear

Today’s big idea is that gratitude can help you create the future you want. Meaning, it’s not just relegated for appreciating what has already happened, or something that’s occurring in this moment. You can also rehearse future gratitude as a… more →

stronger together

Mantras for 2021: Stronger Together

This week on the podcast I’m sharing mantras we can use to keep us focused and in a good spot in 2021, no matter what this year may bring, collectively or individually. We’ve been living through some challenging times and… more →

What Motivates You

Answer The Question: What Motivates You? 

Today I’m talking about how to be a better person in your own mind. And the way we’re going to play with that today is to think about your answer to the question, What motivates you?  Listen To The Podcast… more →

How to “Get It All Done”—Part 2

Last week I wrote about how to get several things done at once by letting all the sides of the Rubik’s cube that is your life meld into one another (if you missed it and don’t know what the heck… more →