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tips to reduce stress

Take it Down a Notch—Tips to Reduce Stress

How do you allow yourself to ‘take it down a notch?’ A couple of weeks ago, in my newsletter—which, have you signed up for? You can do so by clicking on get podcastnews at beabetterpersonpodcast.com. I asked listeners to share… more →

Grieving during a pandemic

Grieving During A Pandemic

Our new reality of social distancing is such a departure from how we typically live our life. Going to work, dropping kids off, picking kids up, running errands. The thought of staying home all day, every day, for an undetermined… more →

Harsh words

Harsh Words With Strangers, Anyone?

Shoo-WEEE tensions are running high out there. It makes sense: we’re all dealing with, at minimum, a ton of uncertainty. Will schools open in the fall? Will we have money to pay rent/payroll/bills? Is it safe to hug grandma? It’s… more →

become a better you on race

Become a Better Person on Race

Who would have thought that if I wanted to become a better person on race, I’d have to suspend a little ‘ole Facebook ad campaign four days after I started it? I wanted to whine about it a little, because… more →