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What Motivates You

Answer The Question: What Motivates You? 

Today I’m talking about how to be a better person in your own mind. And the way we’re going to play with that today is to think about your answer to the question, What motivates you?  Listen To The Podcast… more →

Productive Procrastination

Procrastination Can be Productive

Today’s big idea is that we think of procrastination as a motivation killer, but I actually see it as a way to build your motivation. Yep, I’m going on record as being in favor of procrastination. Well, the productive kind… more →

Find Your Motivation

Find Your Motivation

This week on the podcast, I’m focusing on how to find your motivation. Because it’s an important thing at any time, but it’s something we’re even more interested in at the start of the year. And, after a year like… more →

Creating A Quarantine Routine

Creating a Quarantine Routine

When it comes to steadying yourself during uncertain times,  routine is your friend. Creating a quarantine routine will give your days a basic rhythm and help ground you. Doing so will also ensure that you’re doing the things that sustain… more →


Motivation Is Bullshit, with Terri Trespicio

Today I’m talking to Terri Trespicio about her take of motivation. Terri, whether she likes it or not, is a motivational speaker. Terri’s Ted talk, Stop Searching for Your Passion, has over 6 million views. She’s currently working on a… more →

what motivates you

What Motivates You?

What helps you get going on the things you need to and want to do (even when you might not feel like you want to do them in that moment)? In other words, what motivates you? It’s a question that… more →

Thing to do when stuck

The Number One Thing to Do When You’re Stuck

You may have noticed I haven’t been writing as many newsletters lately. In part that’s because it was the very end of summer and I wanted to wring every minute of each day with the kids (and the beach) that… more →


What Happens When You Raise Your Awareness

As excited as I am about the impending arrival of the official start of spring, and despite the fact that my husband’s birthday is next week, March is my least favorite month of the year. There I said it. (Sorry… more →