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money wounds

Forgive Your Old Money Wounds

Money can be such an emotional topic. And because our emotions can really influence our thinking and our actions, it’s important to take a look at old money wounds and how you might have been impacted by money emotionally in… more →

stimulus check

How to Spend Your Stimulus Check

As we are now over a year into the pandemic, it’s time for some real talk about some of the harder things we’re collectively facing, but not talking about all that much. For today, that means thinking about what we’re… more →

Do You Want To Be a Person Who Has Written a Book?

Each year, I take a long weekend away from work and family to get together with two writer friends. We stay at an inn in the country, chatting over cups of tea and farm breakfasts. We talk about everything—relationships, money,… more →

How to “Get It All Done”—Part 1

At one of the first coaching retreats I attended, my coach stood in front of the room and drew five circles on the white board. She explained that the most roles any one person could successfully fill was five—what roles… more →