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My Favorite Easy Meditation: Cloud-Watching

Cultivating your ability to observe things is a crucial piece of reining in your attention. So today, I am going to teach you my favorite easy meditation. I want you to build your ability to observe by watching something that… more →

give yourself some space and do nothing

Give Yourself some Space and Do Nothing

Today’s big idea is that sometimes a lack of motivation can mean you’re just all around tired. In which case you should just let yourself off the hook and simply give yourself some space and do nothing.  I mean seriously,… more →

Benefits of Boredom

The Psychological Benefits of Boredom

Today, it’s time to talk about what will probably happen when you start looking to your tech devices as much as you once were. And that is boredom. Now let’s look at the benefits of boredom. Listen To The Podcast… more →