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Gratitude Is About Attention

This week is all about gratitude. Which I admit, I was resistant to devote five episodes to. Not because I think gratitude isn’t important—I absolutely do. But because it’s one of those things that’s been talked about a million times… more →

Future Gratitude

How ‘Future Gratitude’ Can Get Your Butt into Gear

Today’s big idea is that gratitude can help you create the future you want. Meaning, it’s not just relegated for appreciating what has already happened, or something that’s occurring in this moment. You can also rehearse future gratitude as a… more →


Feeling Grateful During a Pandemic—It Is Possible

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; I love that it’s about celebrating the things we’re feeling grateful for. And about food. And gathering. I guess I’m biased, because I enjoy cooking, so even though it’s a holiday that requires… more →

Spending Money

Do Gratitude and Spending Money Mix? (I Say Yes)

As the day after Thanksgiving, it’s technically Black Friday. A national day of so-called bargain shopping. Am I the only one who feels dirty about a national day of frenzied buying and spending money coming right on the heels of… more →


Gratitude for Lazy People

This week on the podcast I’m talking about gratitude, which, since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, is what this time of year is all about. And when that year is 2020, it can also be a little hard to access, which is… more →

Thanksgiving comic by Sara Zimmerman at unearthedcomics.com

Reduce Stress at Holiday Family Gatherings

My father-in-law has a saying that has become legend: Family is tough. As much as you love the clan you were born into or perhaps married into is, all those long-lasting ties can make things complicated. You love them, but… more →