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It's OK to Not Be Ok

Mantras for 2021: It’s OK to Not Be OK

This week on the podcast I’m talking about mantras that can help us stay grounded, hopeful, and helpful during 20201. Because we’ve been living through a hard time that is not over yet, particularly in regard to the pandemic, I… more →


Really Feel Your Feelings

The most efficient way through an emotion is to allow yourself to feel your feelings. But that can feel pretty scary, because a lot of emotions are pretty darn powerful. It’s easy to get scared that you’ll get swept away… more →


Breaking Free from PSD (Patriarchy Stress Disorder)

Today I’m speaking directly to women, about the pervasive and chronic stress they experience as a result of living in a patriarchy. (Although if you’re of the male or non-binary persuasion I hope that you’ll keep listening, because being curious… more →