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make space for what's next

De-clutter to Make Space for What’s Next

Today’s big idea is that de-cluttering isn’t just about getting rid of things, it’s about making room for what you need now and to make space for what’s next so you can create a future you want. In other words,… more →

Let It Suck

Creativity Mantra #2: Let It Suck

A creativity mantra can really help you get more ideas out into the world. Because any idea, no matter how great, is highly unlikely to see the light of day because your ego is going to try to bat it… more →


Creativity Mantra #1: Make the Headspace

Creative ideas have a hard time penetrating a busy mind. You’ve got to clear a little space in that beautiful noggin of yours. That’s because inspiration often talks in whispers, and if you don’t quiet things down in there, it’s… more →


Feeding The Fire Of Creativity

This week on the podcast, I’m pivoting to talk about something that’s still super important, but is way, way lighter than the pandemic-related themes I’ve been covering lately. And that thing is creativity.  I mean, doesn’t that sound nice right… more →

Calling in the Help You Need

This week I had lunch with my college roommate. When we first met at age 18, Schuyler’s passion was drawing pictures of women wearing gorgeous gowns. But she didn’t see how that would earn her a living…