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Books That Made Me a Better Person in 2020, Part 1

In 2020, I managed to read 37 books–there were eight in particular that really made me a better person. How? Books can be a really powerful tool for broadening your horizons and making you see the world from another perspective–two… more →


9 Gifts to Help You Be a Better Person, for any Budget

Whether you need gifts to give for Christmas, Hanukah, a birthday, or graduation, why not give something that helps your recipient be their best self? I mean, there’s a time and a place for everything—some gifts should definitely be frivolous,… more →

The Mother’s Wisdom Deck

Big changes are happening for all the women in my family–my Mom is retiring and moving to Providence to be near us, my grandmother is moving out of her home and in to assisted living, and my 4-year-old daughter is,… more →