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Harsh words

Harsh Words With Strangers, Anyone?

Shoo-WEEE tensions are running high out there. It makes sense: we’re all dealing with, at minimum, a ton of uncertainty. Will schools open in the fall? Will we have money to pay rent/payroll/bills? Is it safe to hug grandma? It’s… more →

Podcast Listening Party

It’s Getting Real- The Podcast Listening Party

Last week, I spent my Thursday night at a Podcast Listening Party. Where I and 9 other Rhode Island podcasters shared a three-minute snippet of our podcasts. The Podcast Listening Party (It was hosted by the What Cheer Writers Club…. more →

be a better woman

What Does It Mean to Be a Better Person?

So many of us admit—at least to ourselves—that we want to be a better person. In fact, “be a better person” was the most popular New Year’s resolution for the first time ever in 2017 (according to a Marist poll)…. more →