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A Mind-Opening Invitation

As a mindset coach, a-ha moments are what I live for, like when a client sees how the thing that comes so naturally to her is actually a highly valuable and desirable asset; or how she is unconsciously perpetuating the… more →

How to Deal With Feeling Irritated

I’ve talked to multiple clients in the past week who are reporting that they are feeling abnormally irritable. Seems like there’s something in the air (like the election?!) so I wanted to get some thoughts down about what to do… more →

A Tale of Two Augusts

Last August, I made a conscious decision to work as little as possible. I still had coaching calls with existing clients, but pretty much everything else I let slide. I wanted to do a deep dive with my kids. I… more →

My Kind of Stress Relief: A Wine Meditation

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: It ain’t easy to meditate regularly. I’ve finally learned to pick something I do every day that requires me to sit still and turn that into my meditation. For example, my nightly glass of wine.