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Grieving during a pandemic

Grieving During A Pandemic

Our new reality of social distancing is such a departure from how we typically live our life. Going to work, dropping kids off, picking kids up, running errands. The thought of staying home all day, every day, for an undetermined… more →

Two Important Supplements for Anxiety Support

Two Important Supplements for Anxiety Support

This week and last I’ve been talking about anxiety. And trying to find some ways to think about it, address it, and learn from it. Because, gosh, anxiety is a pretty consistent part of life. And an understandable response to… more →

Things Are Getting Tense

Things Are Getting Tense

Our current climate and lives are filled with so much uncertainty. Things are getting tense! I’m guessing you’ve noticed, but people are really getting on each other’s last nerve right about now.  Listen to the Podcast Here It makes sense:… more →

Creating A Quarantine Routine

Creating a Quarantine Routine

When it comes to steadying yourself during uncertain times,  routine is your friend. Creating a quarantine routine will give your days a basic rhythm and help ground you. Doing so will also ensure that you’re doing the things that sustain… more →

It's OK to Not Be Ok

Mantras for 2021: It’s OK to Not Be OK

This week on the podcast I’m talking about mantras that can help us stay grounded, hopeful, and helpful during 20201. Because we’ve been living through a hard time that is not over yet, particularly in regard to the pandemic, I… more →


Really Feel Your Feelings

The most efficient way through an emotion is to allow yourself to feel your feelings. But that can feel pretty scary, because a lot of emotions are pretty darn powerful. It’s easy to get scared that you’ll get swept away… more →


Making a Sanity Plan for Election Night

This week on the podcast I’m talking about digging deep during hard times. Because the election is tomorrow. And who knows what kind of nutty things are going to transpire this week? Regardless of how you feel about the election,… more →


Breaking Free from PSD (Patriarchy Stress Disorder)

Today I’m speaking directly to women, about the pervasive and chronic stress they experience as a result of living in a patriarchy. (Although if you’re of the male or non-binary persuasion I hope that you’ll keep listening, because being curious… more →

The Key to Better Sleep

The Surprising Key to Better Sleep

A simple way to prevent a burnout and to help you restore, renew, and just generally feel like a sane and strong human being, is better sleep. Sweet sweet sleep! When you get enough of it, the world just feels… more →


4 Ways to Build Your Trust Muscles

So much of being able to stay grounded and in this moment boils down to trust. That things will work out, that you’re doing the right thing, that life is on your side. It’s when you don’t trust that things… more →