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Breaking the Cycle of Anger

Today I’m talking about anger, a very normal human emotion that can also be scary and can sometimes cause us to do things we regret. Or feel things that we’d really rather not feel. I wanted to reach out to… more →


How Conflict Can Make You a Better Person

Today I’m talking with Amy Gallo, who is the author of the HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict, co-host of the Women at Work podcast, and a contributing editor at Harvard Business Review, where she writes about workplace dynamics. Amy… more →


Eff The F Bomb–Cutting Back On Curse Words

Today’s big idea is about finding new ways to express yourself without over-relying on the eff bomb. Which, let’s face it, is awfully easy to do in today’s world, for reasons I’ll talk more about in just a minute. But… more →

Emotions Carry Messages. Are You Receiving Them?

If we’re connected on Instagram (@MsMindbody)or Facebook (if we’re not, I’d love to be!), you saw this photo this week. It’s me, making my “Grrrr” face. I was seriously irritated by something that I just couldn’t shake, despite doing all… more →