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How to Be a Better Citizen

I would like to thank you for clicking on a post about how to be a better citizen. After all — democracy ‘by the people and for the people.’ YOU are one of those people. And without your engagement, that… more →

ctivism in a socially distanced world

Activism In a Socially Distanced World

How can we approach activism in a socially distanced world? After all, all the problems we had before Covid are still there. Many of them are getting worse–economic inequality, violence against black people. Elections are coming up. We’re stuck at… more →

Get Involved

Get Involved In Issues That Matter To YOU

This week I’m talking about activism. Getting involved in causes you care about and lending your voice, time, and energy to creating positive change in the world. After all, being a better person isn’t just about you. Even if you… more →

the womxn project

Channel Your Inner Activist

With everything going on in the world today, I’m guessing there’s some issue that has made you wonder, “How do I become an activist?” Basically, an activist is someone who is using their power to create positive change. And what… more →