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Suzanne Kingsbury talks about outsmarting judgment and finding self-acceptance on the How to Be a Better Person podcast.

Finding Self Acceptance Through Not Judging Others

Finding self acceptance isn’t easy to do, especially when you are constantly judging yourself. That’s why today I’m interviewing Suzanne Kingsbury. Suzanne is the founder of Gateless writing, a method of teaching the art and craft of writing that melds… more →


Un-Do 2022: Un-Fix Yourself

In honor of the year we just had, and the year before it, and how grueling they have been in terms of stress and uncertainty and the sheer volume of decisions we’ve had to make on a daily basis, I… more →


Acceptance Is Your Secret Weapon

We can try to power through this pandemic, but ultimately, there are so many things that are outside our control. This is a wild time. It’s not normal. We should not be holding ourselves to normal standards. Like, having a… more →

Look for the Loving Reason

Challenge Yourself To Look for the Loving Reason

There’s something you can do when you notice yourself thinking that some particular person or people in general suck, and that is to challenge yourself to look for the loving reason of why that person or group of people might… more →

Repair before you replace

Finance Tip: Repair Before You Replace

Today I want to talk the benefits of when you repair something yourself. And about what to do before you head out to the store, or open up your browser to go shopping online, to replace something that needs fixing—first… more →


Finding Your Way to Self-Acceptance

You don’t have to be perfect to love yourself. Self-acceptance–accepting the things about yourself that you might otherwise judge as ‘bad’–is a big piece of loving yourself. After all, love isn’t conditional. It’s not, I’ll love myself after I lose… more →


Your Ticket Out of Judgment-Land

Did you ever see the play or the movie Les Miserables? It’s a deep story about redemption and loss and all the grand themes, but one of the most critical is the battle between judgment and grace. If I say… more →

bad person

When It’s OK to Be a Bad Person

Right after I launched my How to Be a Better Person podcast, I was re-connecting with a college friend. She asked what I was up to. I shared that I had just started the podcast. She said, “Oh, I need… more →