Space: The Final Frontier

KYP ChatMy third-ever Kate’s Yoga Playhouse mini retreat was last week, and we had such a blast! Yogaing, meditating, talking, thinking deep thoughts, sharing said thoughts with others…

Before the retreat, I prepped everything I wanted to cover, and the theme I chose was “Life is good” – about how what we focus on grows and in any given moment, everything is pretty great, it’s only when we start thinking about the future or the past that we get anxious or start feeling regret.

My mind liked that theme quite a lot – still does – but my gut had other plans.

Everything that came out of my mouth last Friday was about creating space. Space in the body—to breathe, for our organs to stretch out, for our muscles to unkink. Space in our lives—to allow for sitting still, reflecting, NOT doing something every minute of every day, unwinding. And space in our minds – to get some objectivity on the thoughts we think over and over again, to hear what we really think, to try on some new perspectives.

KYP RelaxxxxIt was a spacious kind of day, complete with an hour for folks to spend as they darn well pleased, walking in the woods, noodling around with some of the woo-woo card decks I brought along, just sitting and staring in to space. (One woman called her husband and said “We need to talk,” because she’d gotten some clarity on things she’d left unsaid for too long.)

And I just wanted to share that seed with you. Space. You can create it. Even when your days, life, and mind feel jam-packed.

Creating space makes room at your table for wisdom. Serendipity. Contentment. And magic. (Otherwise known as miracles.)

I want you to know that you have my full support to:

  • Blow off that errand that would be nice to get done in favor of something a lot more ‘frivolous’
  • Sit down with your calendar and find a couple of chunks of time during your weekly schedule that you can set aside for yourself
  • Leave dishes in the sink so you can do something that helps you decompress instead
  • Opt out of the hard-core gym class or run and spend a half-hour or so stretching instead

So that your life, days, mind, and body, can feel more like this:

spacious landscape



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