Psst. What’s Your Baggage Trying to Tell You?

Last week I traveled to Denver to meet with my business coach and fellow coachees. Four glorious days on the edge of the Rockies, brainstorming with amazing women, working through emotional blocks, mapping out the next few months of work goals, and being a single person for a few days with no one’s needs to tend to but my own – I was so excited about the trip!

So excited, in fact, that I arrived in Denver and realized I forgot to pack some very important items – the power cord for my computer, my makeup bag, and my underwear. [Cue the sad trumpets.]

Standing in my hotel room and looking at my suitcase, I had to laugh. I hadn’t even had that “I think I’m forgetting something” feeling at any point during my travels. And the significance of the things I left behind was so clear.

No power cord: I was feeling completely rundown, with my second cold in a month.

No makeup: Part of me was ready to come out of hiding and show my true colors.

No underwear: And yet, another part of me was feeling completely exposed.

It was a great reminder that unconscious thoughts absolutely create your reality. Thank you universe, I hear you loud and clear on that one now.

(Some other things I learned from my forgotten items – friends will lend you a power cord and help you recharge; underwear washed in the sink at night will dry by morning—at least in a dry climate; and it’s awfully nice not to have to take your makeup off every night.)

We are all getting messages from our subconscious and the universe all the time. This is not in question. What is debatable is: Are we listening? And if we are, do we know what to do with the information we receive?

 That first night, I used some of my glorious alone time (because – oh yes indeed – I splurged and got a room to myself) to do a few standing yoga poses and qigong moves that increased my connection to the ground. Using my legs to feel more rooted on this big blue marble helped me feel more stable and supported. Doing something that required my mind and body to focus on the same thing at the same time helped me notice how listless I was feeling – and I opted out of turning on the boob tube and instead turned off the lights early.

That’s why I’m out here hustling mind/body practices, because I believe that life gets less hard and more amazing when our minds and bodies have regular opportunities to communicate. Even if your mind-body practice only lasts 2 minutes a day.

If you’re struggling with getting your practice going with any consistency, email me and we can schedule a 15-minute discovery call to see where you’re blocked and what you can do it about it.

Take care and keep breathing,


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2 thoughts on “Psst. What’s Your Baggage Trying to Tell You?

  1. love this post, kate! i’m going to start paying attention to my own subconscious messages that keep popping up (mainly, that i keep losing things….am i feeling lost myself?!)…oh, and will respond to your email soon!

  2. Beautiful and a great reminder to us all. A little bit of time spent in silence (meditation,prayer, yoga etc) helps us realize that God/the Universe is always communicating with us if only we quiet down enough to hear it. thanks for the reminder!

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