What Parts of 2020 Do You Want to Carry Forward?


How do you go about processing a year like 2020? One way is by acknowledging what went right (even though it was a dumpster fire in so many ways). I have one Q to help you do that.

Taking the time to answer this questions forces you to pause for reflection; without this piece you’re likely to start heading somewhere that maybe you’re not really that interested in going.

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. And I recommend digging up a notebook or a journal that you can use to write down the questions and your answers to these questions. I like to use the notes section at the back of my yearly planner, because I always know where it is, but you can use anything you like.

The question that helps with processing 2020 is…

You ready?

It is:

What parts of 2020 do I want to carry forward?

No matter how topsy turvy or traumatic or just weird your last year has been, no year is 100% good or 100% bad. The two are always mushed up next to each other.  Answering this question is how you acknowledge what went right. So that you can appreciate it.

And what you appreciate, appreciates. Meaning, taking the time to look for and celebrate the good will help those good things both take up more space in your awareness, and as a result, it will help attune you to looking for the good in the present moment, too.

It’s easy to acknowledge the lessons and the positive pieces in hindsight; what we ultimately want is to be able to see the good in what we’re currently experiencing too, as our awareness will help those good things grow.

Judgment-Free Zone

As you’re writing you answers this question–or really all of these questions–let it be a judgment free zone. Just because you write something down doesn’t mean you’re committing to it in blood or anything. But you want to see what ideas and thoughts are floating around in that beautiful brain of yours, beneath your conscious awareness, and you won’t be able to do that if you deem something ‘wrong’ and don’t write it down.

This happened to me when I was making this list, the first answer that popped into my head was “my income level” and part of me was like, “Oooh, how crass.” Well, it’s there! It’s true! So I wrote it down. 🙂

Other things on my list to carry forward from 2020 are

  • My desire and actions around being ever more inclusive and aware of my privilege and using it for good
  • Expanding circle of friends
  • My podcast momentum
What’s on your list?

Go ahead and jot it down now. More ideas will come to you later and that’s fine, but capture what’s right there at the surface, waiting to be seen.

Stet Yourself Up for an Amazing 2021

Remember to go download the 4 Steps to a Better 2021 and come back tomorrow for Question number 3, which is coming from a special guest star, business coach Brittany Drozd, whom I have the pleasure of knowing in real life and who always, always has a perspective that I hadn’t considered; her question does NOT disappoint. I’m excited to share it with you!


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