Practice Restoring Yourself For A Better 2021

Restoring Yourself

This week of the year is about restoration — restoring yourself, your energy, and your spirit. No plans to make. No goals to set. Just refilling the well.

Today’s big idea is about restoring yourself. And that doing the thing you’ve been fantasizing about doing because it just sounds so heavenly and decadent and nurturing and FUN is not an outlandish idea. It’s GOLD.

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For the past several weeks, all I have wanted to do is get in bed with a pile of books, a carafe of water, a mug of tea, and the dog at my feet. Maybe all my favorite sections of the Sunday papers that I haven’t been reading for the last few months. And, like, some jazz playing. Like, Sarah Vaughn jazz. Something timeless and melodic and feel-y.

And you know what? Today is the day. Get ready, bed, I’m headed back to you!

Indulge In Restoring Yourself

Whatever decadent, restorative thing you’ve been longing for… this week is the week to do it. Here in the U.S., there aren’t very many times when most people are away from their desks. You’ve got the Fourth of July weekend, and you’ve got the week between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s not all of August, like in Europe, or every day between 3 and 6 like in the cultures that observe siestas. We get 10 days out of 365 to be able to slip away unnoticed. And gosh darn it, you’ve got to take advantage of it!

WHY is it so important that you do that things you’ve been daydreaming about? That thing that will help you recharge your batteries.

OK, here’s the deal that thing you’re dying to, that you’ve been waiting for the right time to be able to do, that sounds so relaxing and healing and fun…that thing has magic in it. It doesn’t keep running through your head for no good reason. They’ll be an insight you have that helps you find peace about something that’s been plaguing you. Or the kernel of an idea that grows into something magical. Or something you read or experience or encounter that will help you know exactly what to say to someone else who really needs lifting up in that moment.

Maybe it’s just the rest that helps you stay strong in the face of the next virus or the challenge that you run into. Long way of saying, that nurturing experience that you’re longing for isn’t frivolous, or a waste of time. Restoring yourself is important, gosh darn it. It’s worthy of your time and your doing what it takes to make it happen to the extent that you can.

There’s a saying: You can’t give from an empty cup.

Well this week is about filling your cup. And whatever sounds like just what the doctor ordered for you, is perfect. It likely won’t sound quite as good to anyone else. It’s personal. And there’s no judgments allowed about it—not from you, not from anyone else. If you need to get in a tub filled with cooked spaghetti and eat your way out, so be it!

I just want whatever it is to sound so good to you that maybe it’s even a little bit wrong. This is your heart’s desire, and many times, a heart’s desire doesn’t appear to make any damn sense to anyone else. Fine!

I hope this episode will help you decide that yes, darn it, you’re going to do it. Whatever nourishing and restorative thing that’s been swirling around in your brain, you’re going to do it to the greatest extent possible. And you’re going to relish every minute. ENJOY.


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