On Your Mark…Get Set…Let Go!

She Let GoNext time you’re in a snit about something, or sad, or re-hashing something you wish had gone differently, or beating yourself up, or feeling sorry for yourself…

Imagine those thoughts, fears, concerns or complaints as a bunch of balloons. And let those suckers go.

If they seem to stay stuck to your hand, or your metaphorical fingers won’t loosen their grip, imagine cutting the string.

You’ll still be here. You’ll still be safe. You’ll still be real. And so will those balloons. There will just be more distance between you and them.

It’s easy to overthink this.  But don’t make it harder than it has to be. Just loosen your grip.

Letting go can feel so darn good.

What have you let go of? Or what would you like to release, even if you’re not quite there yet? I’ve shared mine below – would love to hear yours!!


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3 thoughts on “On Your Mark…Get Set…Let Go!

  1. Something I’ve really focused on letting go of these past summery months is the association between how much time I sit in my chair at my desk and how good about myself that I feel. Same for how much money is in my bank account at any given moment. I don’t need these external factors as a justification for feeling good, and let me tell you, it feels wonderful!

    How about you? What have you let go of recently? Or what would you like to release?


  2. I have so much to let go and I don’t know how to begin. I can’t even share on the off chance someone I know might see this. No one understands everything that we are going through and I keep a lot of it reserved because most is no one else’s business. But I am not the person I was 3 months ago. We have had terminal illnesses, severe trauma, betrayal, death….I am losing myself, and that is only the beginning.

    1. Hi Melissa, I can tell you that the people who love you want nothing more than the chance to be able to support you, even in some small way. It certainly sounds like you are going through one of those dark times that everyone must face–I’m thinking of you and sending love. And if you feel it would be helpful to have an objective ear to talk into, please reach out, either on email or FB. I offer a free sample coaching session and always have an hour or two in my weekly schedule reserved just for such occasions. :) It’s there for you if it speaks to you. Love, Kate

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