Don’t Think, Just Obey

officestretchHow many times today have you thought to yourself, “My back is aching, I should really get to a yoga class.” Or, “I am all over the place today! Wish I had some time to meditate.” Or, “I could sleep for days.” ??

That, my friends, is your inner wisdom talking. No matter how many times you ignore it or rationalize it away, it keeps sending you little signals in the hope that one day, you will actually listen and give yourself some of the TLC you’re so desperately craving. So here’s your weekly tip: Listen to this voice!!!! It is a hotline to your soul. You don’t have to quit your job or change your life to heed its advice.

I am learning this lesson in my life. Working, mothering, feeding myself, getting some exercise, relating to the important people in my life – everything seems more important than listening to the little voice that’s patiently waiting for my attention. That’s why my new mantra is “Don’t think, just obey.” For the last few weeks, every time I’ve thought to myself “My neck is killing me,” I do one little stretch for 30 seconds. If I have an inkling to exercise, I change my clothes immediately and do whatever I can in the time I’ve got (which is often 15 minutes, but hey, something is always better than nothing).

And here’s what I’m realizing: the more I act on what that little voice tells me to do, the better I feel. Even if I only take one deep breath. Or meditate for 30 seconds. The actual action doesn’t really matter as much as the act of listening and taking action does. As I forge a stronger connection between my conscious mind and my inner wisdom, I don’t have to get to a state of emergency before I do something to take better care of myself.

What could you do right now that would satisfy the wisest part of yourself?  Do it! DO IT!!

Here’s a list of possibilities to get you started:

  • Take a full deep breath way down deep in to your belly and exhale more than you’ve ever exhaled before in your life
  • Lie down for 60 seconds and just let yourself get heavy and sink in to the floor
  • Give yourself an ear, hand or temple massage
  • Pour a cup of tea and drink it really mindfully
  • Get up and jump up and down and get your breath and blood moving
  • Let a huge lion pose rip

Congrats to Mikelle Ivers
She won last week’s giveaway of the dreamy Fig and Desert Sage body scrub by The Body Deli. Here are the ways she connects to Mother Nature, even when life is nuts:

“I am blessed to live in Wyoming where I am not too far from either the forest or the desert and I can go visit them whenever I am feeling less grounded. In the interim I take walking breaks at work just to get outside for some sunshine. At home I rake or dig in a flower bed—it always feels so good.”

Peaceful Podcast
I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by fellow “tranquilista” Kimberly Wilson, author of Hip Tranquil Chick and yoga teacher, retreat leader, and entrepreneur extraordinaire.  Check out the podcast here.

If you give a listen, please post a comment and tell them how much you loooooooooved it (or, you know, say whatever comes to mind).

Take care and keep breathing,


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4 thoughts on “Don’t Think, Just Obey

  1. I have been suffering a lot of inner turmoil. Recently I suffered a sever ankle sprain, and am not having to stay off my feet…which has been very hard. One day I heard my mind telling me to make good use of it. I had been for a long time thinking about getting back into reading…Well I listened, and found serval titles to books that are specific to my inner pain now…Now I have a stack of books to read and feel hopeful for a resolustion. — Dawn (re-posted by Kate)

  2. I noticed that I’ve been having a lot of frustration as a mother, now in the process of divorcing. I took my son to the sports store and bought a stand up punching bag (the base is filled with water or sand) for $99. Now when I get stressed or frustrated or anxious during the day, I listen and stop trying to suppress it. I put on my boxing gloves and sneakers and start punching and kicking the bag. It’s an AMAZING stress reliever. It gets things moving. I feel empowered. And it’s a healthy way to get out some aggression. Sometimes I even scream at the bag…it’s much better than screaming at my son or soon-to-be-ex-husband, with whom I still wish to remain friendly. — Catherine Watson (Langberg) (re-posted by Kate)

  3. “The actual action doesn’t really matter as much as the act of listening and taking action does. As I forge a stronger connection between my conscious mind and my inner wisdom, I don’t have to get to a state of emergency before I do something to take better care of myself.”

    Wow. That is so profound. It’s really hitting home. I have repetitive strain injury in both arms and am now having degenerative changes in my right wrist due to this. I live in pain everyday and I’m only 29. It’s very scary. Yet, I often ignore it and do tasks that hurt me even more. In fact, I am doing it now by typing this. My job requires me to be on a computer all day and it’s done a number on me. But, I don’t help things when I don’t stretch and take breaks regularly. My body is just telling me to stop.

    After reading your vegimental, I took some deep breaths, I stretched my arms over my head, I massaged my forearm. After submitting this, I am going to get up, go for a walk and just move and breathe.

    I just heard your interview with Kimberly Wilson and immediately came over to your site. Now I’m going to buy your book. Thanks for sharing such a great tip. — Joselle (re-posted by Kate)

  4. I just ran around the hallways at my office. I also jumped around in the bathroom, but I do this at least once a day. I am a photographer and photo editor, so I sit for long hours in front computer. When I am not on a shoot, I get ‘chair sick’ (a disease I made up when I was a kid, caused by sitting for too long). After I get my blood flowing again, I close my eyes and breathe deep. It always refreshes me, and the ‘chair sickness’ subsides for a while. — Kim (re-posted by Kate)

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