Mindset Hack for Being Happier at Work

happier at work

Today’s big idea is something that can help you feel happier at work, AND help you deliver more value and make a bigger impact while also having to try less hard. YES I know this sounds like magical thinking, but it’s not. 

I’m talking about pinpointing what your superpowers are, so that you can use them more, both in the job or work reality you have now, as well as in whatever shift you might be thinking about creating. 

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What are super powers? They are the things that come the easiest and most naturally to you. The things you do without even trying. And often times, the things that you can’t NOT do–a phrase I learned from the brilliant business coach, Lisa Sasevich, whom I helped write her book, Meant for More (so if you’d like more on this topic of how to put your talents to use and earn more money with them, it’s a great resource. Again, that’s the book Meant for More, published by Hay House). 

Here’s what makes your super powers extra valuable: they are HARD for other people. That can be hard to wrap your brain around, because we think delivering value has to come from working hard. Yes, you still have to exert effort to use your super powers, but not a lot of it. It’s sort of like muscle memory and/or instinct takes over and you just do it without thinking about it too much.  

To discover your talents, ask yourself,

What do people compliment me on? What do I do without even thinking? Where do I do my best meddling? And what skills or talents did I use in the times when I have been the biggest help to someone else? 

These are juicy questions that will take a little time to answer fully, but the answers hold gold in them. Gold, I tell you!

So if you’ve answered those questions I just shared, you have some inkling what your innate talents are. Now your work is to find more opportunities to use them in your work. What might that look like? 

Well, if you’re a natural questioner, seek ways to do more research.

If you’re great at making people feel comfortable, consider a move into client relations. 

If you’re awesome at setting schedules and motivating people, take on my project management. 

For me, I’m very deadline oriented, and I know a little about a lot of things. That makes a daily podcast with a broad umbrella a great combination for me. 

When you start leaning into your strengths you’ll naturally start on a trajectory that suits you. 

You may have to get creative to figure out how to put your super power to use where you currently are

But I promise, it is possible. You may not be able to change your job description, but if you start doing your regular duties with more of the special sauce that only you can bring, you will start to stand out and feel happier at work. You will also build a track record of how these talents deliver value, and you can build on that track record to build a bridge to a new reality where you bring more of these natural talents to your job. 

I 100% whole heartedly believe that each of us came to this planet with a set of gifts, perspectives, and experiences that are unique, and needed. 

One thing that’s true in this current work environment, even when so much is in flux, is that we have to be our own best advocates. And we can’t speak up for our talents and strengths if we aren’t sure what they are. Do a little investigation about what your particular superpowers are, and then look for opportunities to put them into play. I promise, they exist. The world needs what you’ve got. 

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when I’m interviewing Tami Forman, executive director of the nonprofit Path Forward, which helps people who’ve taken time away from the work to care for their loved one get back in to the work force–not just with a job, but a career. Tami’s going to share her perspective on how to use this Great Reassessment for your own greatest good. 


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