Welcome Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit Attendees!

Kate Hanley

Hi there! So glad that we connected at the Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit. As promised, I am offering you two free gifts:

GIFT #1:

The Anywhere Anytime Chill Guide

The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide: 77 Simple Strategies for Serenity 

Think of this book as your guide to getting through all kinds of life’s little “oh sh!t” moments, whether that’s getting a terrible night’s sleep, a fight with your partner, a big presentation, a headache, or even a bad hair day. This book has been hailed by reviewers on Amazon as “a lifesaver.”

GIFT #2:

CRAWL Communication MethodThe CRAWL Communication Method Handout

Have better, more productive, more gratifying conversations by remembering the 5 simple steps to communicating authentically. Remember, your mantra is to “relate, not control!” This handout helps you remember exactly how to do that.

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