Give Yourself some Space and Do Nothing

give yourself some space and do nothing

Today’s big idea is that sometimes a lack of motivation can mean you’re just all around tired. In which case you should just let yourself off the hook and simply give yourself some space and do nothing. 

I mean seriously, after 2020 and the first few weeks of 2021, I think being exhausted and burned out is a wholly appropriate response. Maybe you just need a little time off from feeling bad about the things you’re not getting done.

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I know it’s a privilege to just take the day off…

One that many of us don’t have for many reasons, some economic, some systemic, some racist, some sexist. I want to acknowledge that essential workers don’t get to hide under the covers. Single parents don’t. It’s even harder for parents to get time off now with the pandemic. But if you’re truly feeling fried, there’s got to be some way to give yourself some space and do nothing.

How do you give yourself space and “do nothing”? Here’s a quick list.

It’s by no means exhaustive, but maybe it will trigger an idea that works for you:

Maybe you have to take your downtime in little increments.

You could:

Lock the bathroom door and take a hot shower

Get in bed ridiculously early

Set your phone to do not disturb


Use a meditation app so all you have to do is follow along (this has really been helping me a LOT)

Establish a no-device hour or two hours every night so that your nervous system gets a break from notifications. 

Whatever’s available to you in terms of downtime may not feel like enough, but it’s still important that you give yourself some space and do nothing.

Fields need to lie fallow

Meaning, have seasons where they don’t have anything planted in them—in order to grow crops over the long haul. People need to lie fallow too. We are part of nature. We need time off from being productive. And we all need reminders of this. So here’s your reminder. 

Remember that your lack of motivation isn’t a failure of will. It might be a cry for a break and to give yourself some space and do nothing.

Daily Tiny Assignment

Your tiny assignment is super simple. Check in with yourself and ask, do I need to just do nothing? Is my lack of motivation really just tiredness in disguise? If the answer is yes, how very human of you. Think about how you can give yourself some time to just be over the weekend. See how it feels. If you need more downtime after you give yourself some space and do nothing , you’ll at least have the experience of how good a little bit of it felt, and that will help you make sure you find a way to get more of it. 

Because you’re listening to this podcast, I know you’re a person who cares about progress, who has a desire to be better. I trust 100% that your motivation will come back.


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