Little Things that Help Resist the Urge to Drink

urge to drink

Today’s big idea is that when the urge to drink strikes, it’s helpful to have a couple other strategies in place that you can do instead. Because urges, no matter how strong, are finite. They rise, and they fall again, just like the stock market. It’s like that saying, you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. So hopefully one of the ideas I share today can become your surfboard. Or a personal flotation device, lol. Whatever it takes!

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OK, let’s say you’re sober curious and looking to either cut down or cut out your alcohol consumption–you need a couple tricks up your sleeve to get you through you those inevitable spikes in desire to pour yourself a glass or pop open a cold one. 

When I feel that familiar urge to drink that I used to associate with pouring myself a glass of wine, here are three things I’ll do instead. 

Pour yourself something hydrating or delicious in a fancy glass

Sometimes it’s the ritual of making something appealing–you know, a treat–that’s really calling to you, and not necessarily the buzz. I love to make a mix of seltzer and kombucha in the late afternoons, once I’m done working–it’s refreshing, it picks you up, and it’s definitely got a strong flavor profile, meaning, it’s not boring, like water. Sometimes just seltzer is enough, but for me, I still like to pour it in a fancy glass. It just makes it feel a little more special. 

You can also have a smoothie

This works well for those weekend afternoons, when you might typically have a beer after your work in the yard or go for a run.  One of the reasons we crave alcohol is that it has sugar in it. In fact, when you cut way down on alcohol it’s very common to experience a spike in sugar cravings. I had ‘em! They did pass. Having a smoothie with fresh or frozen fruit gets you some natural sugar, as well as a bunch of other nutrients, including fiber, which keeps your blood sugar from spiking. And fruit is hydrating. Make your smoothie with unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk, and not frozen yogurt or even vanilla yogurt because that would make it a real sugar bomb, which would only get you to crash and want something else to perk you back up. 

And if you’re out, try a mocktail

These non-alcoholic cocktails are now way more sophisticated and tasty than a virgin colada or Shirley Temple, I assure you. Take advantage of this trend! This is kind of a no-brainer trip, but I just want you to know that you don’t have to commit to only having water or club soda at a restaurant or bar. You can still enjoy something festive, even sophisticated, if that’s your bag without the actual alcohol.


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