How to Stop Stressing, Get Real, and Do What Matters Most

Video #3: What Matters Most

I’m all hopped up this morning on life itself. Three nights ago, my husband and I had a car accident that was – thankfully, blessedly – minor in the grand scheme of things and sheer terror in that actual moment. I’m still processing it, honestly, so I don’t want to go into it too much just yet. But the Cliff Notes version of my takeaway is this:

Life is precious.

We all know this deep down, but we need periodic wake-up calls to keep it front and center. I got mine three nights ago. I hope this post and the information it contains will be yours. Because we’ve all got important stuff to do while we’re here! Can I get an amen?

It’s also the perfect tie-in to my final video in this series about how to stop stressing, get real, and do what matters most. This video explains my simple, elegant process for putting your intuition (your inner Yoda) in the driver’s seat so you can create an authentic life that suits you down to your bones.

Video #2: Are Pink Elephants Running Your Life?


One of the best New Year’s Eves of my life I spent at the Flora-Bama Lounge on, you guessed it, the Florida-Alabama state line. The Flora-Bama is one of those amazing places where folks from all walks of life hang out — you could see the president of the bank sitting next to the surliest of bikers at the bar. That night, when I was barely 21, was the first time I was exposed to the phrase “Same sh*t, different day.” It was written on a t-shirt worn by a guy who looked like a cross between Willie Nelson and Mad Max.

I saw that and — despite the revelry happening all around me — felt so sad.

“I never want to feel that way,” I vowed. “In fact, I don’t want anyone to ever feel that way.”

It was just a moment (two minutes later I was back to boogieing), but it stuck with me.

There are lots of ways to make your outer reality change. You can change jobs, move houses, break up and start dating someone new. But here’s what I learned in my own life — unless you uncover and then change the unconscious beliefs you’re carrying around with you (things like, “No matter what I do, it will just result in the same sh*t”), no change in your outer circumstance is going to get you the growth and fulfillment you’re craving.

If you’ve been feeling like a hamster on a wheel — lots of effort, no progress — in any area of your life, this video is for you!

Real and lasting change is 100% possible, and you won’t have to buckle down and work harder to do it. Yay!! You will have to come face to face with some pink elephants to really get going, but I share two great ways to do that in this video.

To find out more about what the heck I’m talking about, watch now! And when you’re done, I’d love to hear any about any lightbulbs that go off for you in the comments below. Talking and sharing about this stuff helps the changes take root.



Video #1: The 4 Hidden Roots of Stress 

So why are you so stressed out?

No really. Tell me why.

I’m guessing it’s pretty easy to come up with one or two (or maybe a long freaking list) reasons why you’re currently in putting-out-fires mode: The economy. A break up. Tax season. A move. A work project gone wonky.

But stress that never seems to go away – the kind that follows you on vacation or wakes you up in the middle of the night – has deeper roots. Roots that start right in your very own grey matter.

I’m working on a cool new group coaching program that helps you uproot those stress-causing tentacles so you can free yourself up to do more of what matters most. I’m really pumped to share more about it in the next few weeks.

And as a preview, I made this video about figuring out which secret stress-causers you might be dealing with. Hope you enjoy! And if you do, please share with friends. Let’s spread the word about kicking long-term stress to the curb once and for all!



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8 thoughts on “How to Stop Stressing, Get Real, and Do What Matters Most

  1. Awesome! Love the tips – especially when you said that what we don’t acknowledge in the mind, shows up in the body.

    Paying attention now!

    1. So cool Steph. Yeah, Olivia Newton John nailed it when she said, “Let me hear your body talk!” Ha. The body never lies.

  2. Thank you so much for your insights on stress and the body. Last June, at the age of 48, I had a heart attack and emergency double bypass surgery. I did not have a family history and my physical challenges (some extra pounds and too high cholesterol numbers) were not high enough to cause such a serious event- it was stress. Ignoring our bodies extracts a very high price, and I am so fortunate to have been granted a second chance to learn from my mistakes and live a healthier life. In February the cardiac rehab team that pieced me back together asked me to speak on a panel promoting women’s heart health, and it was a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community. One of the things I did was create a list of encouraging books, websites and e newsletters, and Ms. Mindbody was front and center. I hope other women have already discovered your valuable advice. Once again, many thanks for all that you do. Your resources are life saving.

    1. Mamie, wow, thank you for sharing your amazing story! I’m inspired by your resilience and your giving back, and honored to be included in the resources you provided. Please please stay in touch, if there is any way I can help you spread your message, just reach out. I’m at kate [at] msmindbody [dot] com. — Kate

  3. Love the pink elephants idea – great videos, Kate! You are so good at distilling complex ideas into something we can actually DO.

    1. Thanks Toni. :) This particular concept was so huge for me. Had to get the word out about it. Glad it spoke to you!

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