Kate’s Reboot Camp Is Coming Back!

summerloveI want you to have a hot and heavy affair this summer. We’re talking deep! Total soul connection!  With your self. Or, rather, your capital-S Self.

You know: Your gut, your inner wisdom, what you know to be true.  Because when you rekindle that connection to your higher Self, everything starts flowing and feeling juicy and exciting again. Kind of like falling in love. =)

In just 10 short days, I’m bringing back my tried-and-true-yet-still-improved Kate’s Reboot Camp. This program is my way of taking all the basic elements that I cover in my private coaching and make it affordable and accessible to more people. If you’ve ever thought Gee, I’d like some guidance on how to start doing more of the things that matter but the timing hasn’t been right for hiring a coach, this is your chance to get a majority of the benefits at a fraction of the cost!

Kate’s Reboot Camp
An online, self-study program to help you get off the crazy train and start living from your gut!
Starts June 1

When: At your own pace, between June 1- July 10

Where: In your own home (or office, wherever you do your best thinking)

Price: $97

All the basics will be covered, from how to slow down enough to hear what’s true for you to raising your own energy level, plus you’ll learn:

  • What’s your higher self calling you forward, and what’s your inner critic trying to call the shots
  • The true role of doubt, and how to use it to your advantage
  • What’s your responsibility—and thus, worthy of your time and energy–and what’s not
  • Practical tools to help you shift out of reactionary mode so you can respond thoughtfully, even on the fly
  • How to make small snippets of time in the midst of your vida loca a meaningful opportunity to check in with yourself

Even if you aren’t sure what needs to change in your life, you’ll leave this class knowing exactly what to do to find clarity and get excited about life again!

To learn more about Kate’s Reboot Camp or to sign up, click here:


Here’s what Kate’s Reboot Camp includes:

  • Six in-depth audios, one delivered each week, that you can listen to on your own time and download on to your computer or phone so it’s yours forever
  • Thought-provoking and clarifying worksheets to help you apply the information to your own life
  • A live “office hours” Google Hangout to get your questions answered
  • Access to a private Facebook group so you can share your successes, get support and develop lasting relationships
  • A 30-minute private one-on-one call with me to tailor the class to your unique life

Here’s what people have shared with me about this work:

  • “I feel like my brain has been out for a run!”
  • “This information is just the shot of wheatgrass I needed”
  • “Working with you has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”
  • “When we started working together, you told me that being true to myself would draw wonderful people and opportunities to me, and now it’s happening! Thank you!”

This class will leave you feeling at peace, connected to what’s true for you, and excited to start working with your gut instead of against it!

Looking forward to sharing this life-changing opportunity with you!


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