It’s Time to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

smile - overwhelmIf you’ve been reading this newsletter a while, you have probably heard me talk about how I felt like I was drowning after my second baby was born. Even though he was so easy and smiley, I felt completely tapped out for months after his arrival. Each day, I woke up in a panic and went to sleep feeling like a wrung-out dishrag.

I know I had a harder time adjusting to motherhood than many, and I know now that there was probably some postpartum depression involved, but I also know that so very many women—whether they’re mothers or not—are walking around with a daily experience of feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed.

And now that the holidays are imminent, that experience of feeling like it’s all just too much to take is more present than ever.

If you recognize a tendency to feel completely overwhelmed in yourself, hear this – it is 100% possible to change!

While there are always more layers to our clever human minds and thus always more discoveries to be made, learning how to stop using overwhelm as a go-to emotion is one of my proudest accomplishments. And I want to help you do it too. Because there is just too much good stuff accessible on the other side.

If you’ve read this far, and are tired of that swirly, sinking, suffocating feeling, join me next Wednesday, December 10 for a free teleclass:

Overcome Overwhelm, For Real and For Good

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I’m going to be sharing as much of my best stuff as will fit into 30 minutes (because I don’t want to overwhelm you—ha!—and because there’s no need to over-complicate things). The live call will be at 2:30 pm ET, with a replay later that night (at 9:30pm ET). Come listen in and make this the year you don’t feel completely frazzled by all the festivities!

And if you have a friend who could benefit, please forward this email to her and invite her to attend with you. Sharing is caring!

I’m going to give away some fun resources to three people who are on the live call, so while there is a replay and I will send out a link to listen the next day, be sure to join us in real time if you can!

Wishing you peace amid the chaos of the next few weeks. =)


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2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. Holy WOW!

    This spoke to me immediately.

    I just finished listening (to the recording) and I am glad that I could pause it, relisten to parts over and over and take notes without missing anything. Because this call was packed full of
    high bandwidth of information. And by high bandwidth,

    I mean:

    • The quality to quantity ratio is extremely high.
    • The information is at once highly personal and highly universal.
    • It’s clear and highly actionable. The listening will alter your insides.
    The suggested doing will alter your life.
    • It is good and right. I mean that in the personal, social, moral and spiritual sense. This isn’t a “how to get more stuff” or “crush the competition” kind of coaching, this is “how to tune your inner piano so you can make the most beautiful music to share with the world” kind of coaching.

    1. Kevin! Thank you for sharing this, I am totally moved. And kind of speechless, actually! Going to go lie down for a moment. :)

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