It’s Getting Real- The Podcast Listening Party

Podcast Listening Party

Last week, I spent my Thursday night at a Podcast Listening Party. Where I and 9 other Rhode Island podcasters shared a three-minute snippet of our podcasts.

The Podcast Listening Party

(It was hosted by the What Cheer Writers Club. A cool collaborative working space for writers in downtown Providence. I’m so thankful for their existence, their community, and their fully kitted-out podcasting studio.)

It was super cool to see how many other local peeps are up to podcasting adventures, too. In a small state like Rhode Island, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re the only one!

And it was super duper cool to be able to see heads nodding and hear chuckling while we listened to my snippet. Because, as a writer, you almost never get immediate feedback like that. It made me so happy and a little verklempt (Yiddish for choked up), as you can see from the photo above. =)

I am excited to tell you that you can listen a sneak peak of How to Be a Better Person now too! And you can do it on whichever podcast service you like best. Just choose your favorite one and click to listen (and subscribe!) below.


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I’ve made the official official OFFICIAL launch date of the podcast September 23rd (still technically mid-September, right?), so by listening to this sneak peek, you’ll be one of the first humans to hear it!

I hope you enjoy it.


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